He’s Not Your Forever Person If You’ve Suffered Through These 13 Disappointments

These things are bound to happen once or twice, even in a healthy relationship. But if they’re happening ALL the damn time, you’re in love with the wrong person.

Twenty20, carlyseitz
Twenty20, carlyseitz

1. Canceled plans. You got all dressed up for him. You cleared your schedule. You even shaved. But at the last second, he canceled. Again. Without even giving you a solid excuse.

2. Unanswered messages. You’ve been staring at your phone for an hour, and still, no answer. You always reply to his messages as soon as they come through. You don’t understand why he waits so long to respond to yours.

3. Crappy gifts. You weren’t expecting diamonds or keys to a new car. But you were expecting a present that had a little thought put into it. Instead, he gave you a gift card. Or maybe he didn’t give you anything at all.

4. Unimpressed attitude. You spent a half-hour on your makeup and longer than you’d like to admit on your hair. But when he saw you, he didn’t pay you a single compliment. He didn’t appreciate any of the work you put into your appearance.

5. Being rejectedYou bought two tickets for a concert you’ve been dying to see. You wanted him to go with you, but when you asked him, he turned down the offer. He didn’t even think about it. He had no interest in going, even though he knew it would make you happy.

6. Drained happiness. You were super excited about your promotion — until you told him about it. Instead of being happy for you, he made it seem like your accomplishment wasn’t a big deal. His reaction ruined your entire mood.

7. Bad sex. You showed up at his door, hornier than ever. But, as usual, sex ended up being all about him. It might have been good for him, but it sucked for you.

8. Unfulfilled promises. He swore he’d take you on a road trip over the weekend, but when the weekend came, he had other plans. He forgot all about his promise. He never intended to follow through on it.

9. Fake expectations. At first, he acted like a total gentleman, always pulling out your chair and texting to see if you made it home safe. But now that he’s comfortable around you, he’s done a complete 180. It’s like he’s a different person. A scarier person.

10. Unfair surprises. He told you he’d take you on a beach trip — but he didn’t mention the catch. That all his friends (including his ex) would be there. You had no idea your romantic getaway was really just a group outing in disguise.

11. Being ignored. He was all over you in the car, but as soon as you reached the party, he started to ignore you. Whenever his friends are around, it’s like you don’t exist. Like you’re the least important person in the room.

12. Ingratitude. You were excited about cooking him dinner, but he didn’t even thank you for it. In fact, he barely ate it. Entirely ungrateful for the effort you put into making him happy.

13. Getting kicked out. You thought you’d have the chance to cuddle after sex. To talk until the sun came up. To wake up together and cook breakfast. Instead, he kicked you out before anyone got home.

14. Crying yourself to sleep. You were supposed to spend the entire day with him and fall asleep in his arms. Instead, you ended up crying yourself to sleep. And it isn’t the first time.

15. Getting led on. He took you out on dates. Flirted with you. Made you feel special. You would’ve sworn he liked you as much as you liked him, but now he’s gone. Now, he’s with another girl. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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