Here's How To Pick The Perfect Holiday Gift For Someone, Based On Their Love Language

50 Intimate Questions To Ask Your Forever Person This Christmas

1. Who is your favorite person to buy presents for?

2. Have you ever gotten stuck working on Christmas?

3. What kind of food did you leave for Santa when you were little?

4. When you hate a present, are you honest or do you pretend to love it?

5. Which ornament has the most significance to you?

6. Did you have a real tree or a fake tree when you were little?

7. When did you find out the truth about Santa?

8. Do you usually buy your pets presents for Christmas?

9. Have you ever seen the tree in Rockefeller Center?

10. When we have our own place, will you want to decorate it with lights or leave it bare?

11. Do you prefer giving gifts or getting gifts?

12. Do you prefer gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies?

13. Have you ever gone caroling?

14. What’s your favorite holiday song?

15. What was the most thoughtful present you’ve picked out for an old girlfriend?

16. Do you usually put a star or an angel on top of the tree?

17. What was the best gift you’ve ever gotten from your parents?

18. What’s your favorite flavor of candy cane?

19. Would you ever send out holiday cards with our pictures on them?

20. Do you own an ugly Christmas sweater?

21. Do you open your presents on Christmas or Christmas Eve?

22. Have you ever kissed someone under mistletoe?

23. Do you go to church for midnight mass?

24. Would you prefer for it to snow on Christmas or to stay sunny?

25. Which family tradition do you want to pass down to our children?

26. Have you ever had your picture taken with a mall Santa?

27. Do you suck at wrapping presents?

28. Do you like getting gifts or feel awkward about it?

29. Have you ever re-gifted something someone gave you?

30. Have you ever gotten drunk during a Santa crawl?

31. Do you consider yourself a Grinch?

32. Which holiday song annoys you the most?

33. Does your family drink alcohol on Christmas?

34. Have you ever built a gingerbread house before?

35. What was the worst present you’ve ever gotten?

36. Do you do your holiday shopping online or visit the actual store?

37. How much was the most expensive present you’ve ever bought?

38. What was the cheapest present you’ve ever bought?

39. Do you like surprises or do you prefer to pick out what you’re getting?

40. When you were a kid, did you help your parents decorate the tree?

41. What does your family usually eat for Christmas dinner?

42. When was the last time you built a snowman?

43. What’s your favorite holiday movie?

44. Was Christmas your favorite holiday as a kid?

45. Which relative are you most excited to see on Christmas day?

46. Does your pet have a stocking?

47. Would you ever celebrate Christmas someplace warm, like Hawaii?

48. What time do you wake up on Christmas morning?

49. Do you like the taste of eggnog?

50. Are you excited to spend the holidays with me? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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