26 Siblings Of Sociopaths Reveal The Moment When They Realized Something Was Seriously Wrong

Not everyone comes from a happy little family. Here are some highly disturbing tales from Ask Reddit about sociopathic parents and siblings that’ll make you thankful for your family.

Unsplash, Redd Angelo
Unsplash, Redd Angelo

1. He knocked out our disabled father

“My older brother isn’t just a sociopath, he’s a psychopath, even my parents are surprised he isn’t in jail for murder yet, he’s been evil as long as I can remember. Beat us all to pulps as kids for imagined slights against him and actually knocked my poor disabled dad out on one occasion. He’s been arrested a bunch of times and even after the most recent time a police officer (he had weapons bought from china stopped at customs) called to my mums a few days later and asked if they knew he may have some mental issues. She said yeah she knew but she doesn’t believe anyone would have the balls to tell him that, the police officer agreed.

His favorite pass time recently is walking the streets with a signal jammer while people are trying to make calls or Using it outside the fire/police station, finds it hilarious, he’s a fucking asshole. He was banned from a local grocery store for threatening a staff member for apparently looking at him.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg of what that prick has done to our family.” — AcoupleofIrishfolk

2. He shot my dog to death

“I have an elder brother who is a diagnosed sociopath and he is serving a life sentence for his myriad crimes (no, I wont elaborate).

I first realized he wasn’t ‘right in the head’ when I was 10. It was shortly after our father had died. It was him, me, my sister, and our mother. He was 17, and was the oldest of us three kids.

After our father died his already abusive tendencies dramatically increased. Not only in frequency, but also intensity.

One day my mom, my sister, and I went to the grocery store and when we returned I couldn’t find my dog. He usually greeted us at the door every time we got home, but not that day. I asked my brother if he’d seen my dog and he said no.

A couple hours later, after searching everywhere I could think, my brother comes up to me and asks if I wanted to go out riding. I said sure and we got on our bikes (motorcycles) and started heading out to familiar trails out in the hills. Growing up in Death Valley, there’s not much else to do but ride dirt-bikes. Me on my dinky Honda 50 and him on his whatever it was, I don’t remember.

We reach a small ravine he’d never taken me to before and get off our bikes. I look down, following his stare, and there is my dog’s body. He’d been shot. I looked at my brother and I immediately knew he’d killed my dog. The expression on his face, along with taking me right to the body, made it obvious.

Being a 10 year old kid, I started to cry, and I asked him why. His response was when I first realized something was truly wrong in his head. He looked me right in the eyes, and with a nearly blank expression on his face, said,

‘He protected you from me, we can’t have that now can we?’

He got back on his bike and rode home.

The three us dealt with him, and somehow survived, for another 3 years before the authorities finally listened to what my sister and I had been trying to say he’d been doing to us. He’s now securely warehoused exactly where he belongs. Away from us, away from society.” — Pravus_Belua

3. She tried to get his leg amputated

“When my grandfather was dying of diabetes in the hospital after having his leg amputated, she lied to him and tried to get him to have his other leg amputated so he would be forced to live at home with her.

She would lock me out of the house at 8 years old for not eating dinner fast enough.

She locked herself in the bathroom and threatened suicide bc I switched majors without asking her permission.

We don’t talk anymore.” — randomnessish

4. He wanted to bash my head in

“My brother and I were eating french fries, and he wanted some of mine. When I wouldn’t give them to him, he tried to hit me in the back of the head with a cast iron skillet. If I hadn’t heard him, I would have been dead. Up until that point, I had always known he was a dick, fake crying to get mom and dad to punish me, stealing my shit and lying about it, but it wasn’t until that moment when it really hit home.” — bobmuto

5. He beat a rabbit to death with a shovel

“My brother started throwing those metal toy tractors at me when he was four or five. A few years later, he’d chase me around the house with knives.

By the time he was in middle school, he was threatening me by pointing loaded guns at me (my dad had an arsenal in the basement, and he taught my brother how to use them all).

I wouldn’t even start anything… he’d just get bored and decide to torture me. And I was left to babysit him because I was a few years older.

I think what really clued me in was how he’d always keep a loaded gun in the living room in case a small animal came near the house. One time, he shot a rabbit out the window and it didn’t die. So he beat it to death with a shovel. My mom would get really defensive and yell at me if I suggested his behavior was sociopathic.

It got really bad when I moved back home for a semester during college. I’d done something to piss him off, apparently, or he was extra bored, and he decided to take some rope, tackle me to the ground, tie my hands and feet together, and throw me in a closet for hours. He only let me out because when my dad was on his way home from work. Now he claims he doesn’t remember doing it.

I tried to tell my parents, but as usual, they said we both did stuff to provoke each other and I probably did something to deserve it. I signed up for an on-campus apartment the next day, and moved out of their house for good at the end of the summer.

They guilt trip me for never visiting. I hate my brother; I’m terrified of him. And I resent my parents for letting that happen under their roof and never disciplining him.” — rhetstudent

6. She would dig her nails into me until she drew blood

“My oldest sister…

I’m the youngest of three girls and we grew up fairly poor so both parents were out of home a lot working to give us the basics. Because of this my oldest sister ‘looked after’ us. My earliest memories involve me running through the kitchen in a diaper feeling so so scared trying to get away from her.

Anything and everything set her off. If attention was not 100% on her she would flip out, scratching, kicking, hair pulling. My parents were pretty oblivious to all this, or more my dad was also unstable (BPD who frequently went off meds) and my mum was too emotionally abused to do anything to help. She had to have presents on everyone else’s birthday, had to have the same presents as everyone else on Christmas, or better ones.

As I was 4 years younger I was much smaller than her and easy to catch. From my toddler years to 16 I had crescent scars all over my arms and ankles because she would dig her nails into my skin drawing blood.

The very first time it clicked in my head that no one would ever help and she could manipulate her way out of everything is when she stabbed me in the shoulder with a pen. I was about 8 years old. She had yanked out a chunk of my hair so I told her to ‘fuck off!’ The look on her face was horrifying because she looked so happy because my dad had been sleeping and woke up to me swearing which was strictly not allowed. She knew I was going to be in trouble so she grabbed the pen off the table and stabbed me then yanked it back out. I ran upstairs to get away from my dad, which was a whole different scary experience and he wouldn’t believe that she had hurt me.

I came downstairs a few hours later when he ‘allowed’ it, with blood all over my shirt. My aunt was staying with us and saw it, pointed it out to my dad and they still believed my sister hadn’t done it. I gave up all hope for help after that.

That turned into 8 years of her scarring any exposed skin, pulling out my hair, cornering me and screaming about how disgusting I was, taking every moment to remind me I was fat (She has been anorexic/bulimic most of her teens and adult life), throwing things at me, telling me men will only like me because they’re chubby chasers, etc. I am more of an extrovert than most of my family so I always had a lot of friends and ‘boyfriends’ in elementary school and than actual boyfriends in high school.

When she went away to university my mother thought it would be a great idea for me to visit her there. A whole weekend being alone in her dorm with her. She spent the first day reminding me how disgusting I was, then acted all nice until the evening. She wanted me to watch “West Side Story”, I think, it’s the one with the opening scene of the two gangs finger snapping down the street. Me being 16 thought it was funny so I laughed. Wrong move. She started screaming, threw out all the food, cornered me and let me know how no one in my life actually likes me and they’re all just putting up with me because they don’t know any better, I’ll only ever be in abusive relationships, I don’t deserve anything better than that, I’ll always be fat and disgusting, etc, etc. Then she kicked me out and made our mother pick me up a day early.

Mid year she was home and in a rare moment of civility she wanted to ‘talk.’ She asked me how you’re supposed to feel sorry for other people. As in how do you feel empathy? She couldn’t figure it out when her profs talked about it. I carefully got out of that conversation. Later that day after she’d done her usual “you’re fat and disgusting” rant I decided to turn my back on her and not engage. She picked up a text book and hit me as hard she could over the head with it, yanked me by the back of my head and pushed me in the cupboards, to let me know ‘you’re not allowed to ignore me.’

I have not spoken to her since that day, I’m now 26 and she’s 30. She’s still living off my mother and has zero social skills. The last time I saw her she had drank a bottle of wine on christmas eve 2011 and she just laid on the living room floor for the day.

She’s pulled a knife on our other sister, she’s been evicted for trashing apartments that are in my mother’s name, had so many pets die ‘unexplainably,’ expects to be showered with gifts and attention by everyone around her, she will get angry if family are paying more attention to children than they are to her, she still has to refer to our mother as ‘mummy’ and in that high pitched ‘muuuummmeeeeee’ voice, she can’t hold any platonic relationship, has never had a romantic ones and she still hates me viciously for being able to have relationships.

I will not be surprised if she ends up killing someone. She is the spitting image of our father in personality.

She lives in another province from me, is still in school, and my mother is smart enough to never let her know where I live. Those close to me know who/how she is and know not to give any information.

Thanks for that, didn’t know I needed it.” — throwawayadbike

7. She would pour harmful chemicals into the fishbowl

“I realized my younger sister wasn’t okay when from a very early age would abuse our pets. It started off with things that my mother played off as being accidental because of her age, like pulling the cats tail, or pouring harmful things into all the fishbowls. Then it escalated to shaving the cats, cutting off their whiskers and eventually things like me catching her bouncing on the cat until it shit itself from the pressure. Then I think my mom finally get her some attention when she cut the cats ear off. She did other things too like punching herself and scratching herself, pulling her own hair during tantrums. Kid’s still not right even now in her teens.” — aoir

8. She encouraged my bulimia

“My mom:

  • Physical/emotional abuse, neglect, covert incest.
  • Killed my pets.
  • Encourages bulimia and anorexia to this day. As a kid wouldn’t let me eat or drink water. I had to sneak water from the hose outside and she’d hit me if I found out. Had to scavenge food from the neighborhood.
  • Broke my toys by throwing them at me.
  • Bought me a fancy bed but I wasn’t allowed to use it or sit on it because I would “mess it up”. I usually slept on the floor or on the shelves in the closet.
  • Put me in situations where I was molested by adult men, despite my protests.

I assumed my childhood was typical and it wasn’t until recently in therapy that I’m starting to realize there might be something wrong with her. Possibly BPD.” — BaylisAscaris

9. She threw hot tea in my face

“When she threw a cup of hot tea at my face because I refused to show her something on the computer. Or the time when she yelled at me for over an hour because I was really sick and had thrown up all over the bathroom sink. The same bathroom she had just cleaned.

I stopped speaking with her over 7 years ago.” — lifesucks64

10. She convinced my friends to bully me

“My sister is a narcissist as well. I truly hate her. She has terrorized my life since I was born, convinced her friends to bully me while we were in school together, threw tantrums over everything I did, demanded that I give her my things just because she wanted them, ruined every special occasion for me, etc. I was so relieved when she moved out of state; I finally had a birthday that wasn’t ruined! And she wasn’t there to ruin my graduation from university!! It’s the first time in my life that I haven’t felt under constant attack. I’m hoping to continue having very low contact with her for the rest of my life because she’s truly toxic. This will probably be hard for me though, because my mother has NPD as well, so I really don’t get any support from my family when it comes to not interacting with my sister. I probably will have to cut out my entire family if I want to live a healthy life. Feels bad.” — aiyousuru

11. He said he’d kill me and plead insanity

“My brother always seemed different. When we were little he made up this game called ‘Joey and the wimp’ which was really just boys wrestling. But it wasn’t just boys wrestling. It was all about power and control. He would have is forearm pressing down on my neck and whisper things like, ‘Someday I’m going to kill you and nobody will do anything about it because I’ll plead insanity.’ He would also talk about how he would kill me in my sleep. I’ve woken up a few times and he was just standing there in the dark looking at me. Once my dad coughs him in the middle of the night getting a kitchen knife. ‘I have to kill (me)’ he was six. At sixteen he and his crazy buddy did a home invasion on me and my friend. I had to go to the hospital. He beat up our mother. He broke her arm and I suspect he raped her because she had to sit on this doughnut thing for a while. Then he was going to stab me. I got chased a half mile through the woods till he tripped and I got away. He was going to shoot my dad when he was seventeen. He said he borrowed the gun from a neighbor. I saw it. It was a 38. A couple friends talked him out of it. He has been on disability since he was maybe twenty. Idk. I stopped interacting with him when I went to college many years ago. To this day I suspect he will come and try to make good on his desire to murder me thinking he’ll get off for insanity. It’s been years but even just the other night I had a dream he was trying to kill me. I don’t like knowing that someday I will likely have to try to kill him in self defense.” — thespianbot

12. He threatened to stab a homeless man

“The weirdest thing about my oldest brother was that he did not seem to realize when he was giving his plans away. He’d come home from a stint of homelessness and very kindly say “wow, cool headphones,” and two nights later after all the promises to turn his life around, he’d be gone, and so would my headphones. His sincere compliments became a pretty clear indicator of what he would steal later, and so we’d all hide whatever he admired. It’s almost like he himself had no idea that he was going to rob us until it was happening.

He physically abused the whole family, and we basically understood that he was a piece of shit. Maybe one with poor social skills, maybe one who was incredibly self-centered, maybe one with no empathy, but to get a real answer he would have had to see a professional, which he was unwilling to do.

He was arrested for threatening to stab a homeless man. There was no evidence, no case, but my dad was going to get him a lawyer anyways, out of guilt for never being able to afford one for all his prior arrests. The case was dropped, thankfully, and as soon as he was released he gleefully told us all in the car that the charges had all been accurate. He was proud of himself. I think that’s when it hit my dad. For me, it was when he literally hit my dad, repeatedly, with a phone, for trying to call the police. My dad refused to retaliate, just sat there sobbing.” — loxp2

13. He threatened me with knives

“I’m the youngest of three brothers. My middle brother and I get along great. The oldest, not so much.

When he was young, he used to run our brother’s hand under hot water. Then he moved onto yelling at me, scaring me, threatening me with knives, and then he once tried to kill me. The moment I realized that he wasn’t normal was when he told me, while holding a knife, that he didn’t care if I lived or died.

All of that ended years ago, and now, he’s apparently changed. He apologized profusely for what he did when I was a kid. I’m still not sure if I believe it.” — BiBipolarGuy

14. She gave me 3rd degree burns

“When she blindfolded me (she was 4) and led me through a burning pile of leaves. I had 3rd degree burns on my feet for months. Once during that period she got mad at me for something and jumped on top of my feet and slid down. Or maybe the time when she was around 6-7 and took all of my favorite shirts, threw them into the bathtub, and poured a bottle of bleach all over them. She’s 15 now and I’m hoping I get out of the house before she does something big again.” — Sleepmeansdeathforme

15. She tried to kill our baby brother

“She’s two years older than me. She did stuff like-

  • when I was three she convinced me to pile as many blankets as we could on our sleeping little brother until our mom got back. I’ll never forget my moms reaction when I excitedly told her about our hilarious prank. Luckily he was ok.
  • when I was about 7 daring little bro climbed high up a tall evergreen tree on our property and was hanging on a branch. He wasn’t sure how to get down and I tried convincing him to hang on while i got our parents. My sister starting shaking the tree and yelling, “fall! Fall! Fall!” He fell, yelling out on his way down and landed flat on his back. My sister ran away and my brother was unconscious for several of the most terrifying seconds of my life. Luckily he looked around and was fine. I got back and was bewildered to find out my sister hadn’t told anyone, since I thought she must have ran to ask for help.

There were a ton of things, she was horrible to us (most often to me because im also female) our whole childhoods and enjoyed causing me as much suffering, helplessness and anger as she could to vent her own frustrations, but those are the only two times I look back and go, “wow, she actually wanted to kill us.”

There were a ton of signs, no big realization until I became haunted by random anger attacks over childhood injustices, like her forcing me to destroy my art as a kid and my parents denying any wrongdoing on her end (but never allowing me any outlet for revenge because my mom was scared of her and made me be submissive to her every demand) all the time. Had to walk out of a Zootopia showing today because I couldn’t get it out of my head and I was breathing heavily.

The reason I would categorize her as a grade A psycho is because she would actually pretend to be nice and use lies and manipulation and had no guilt about any of this. I was about sixteen when I finally refused to take the fall for something she did (even though I thought about it– it took me a long time to see how evil she was). She was great at painting herself as a victim who just had to have me say I did it because I supposedly wouldn’t get in as much trouble.” — ThrowawayEvilSister1

16. She threatened suicide

“She locked herself in the bathroom and threatened suicide because I switched majors without asking her permission.” — candycanenightmare

17. He bullied another kid into suicide

“I was three years old, holding a balloon while “helping” my mom unpack the car. My five year old brother offered to hold my balloon and released it into the air the moment I gave it to him. Kids do mean things and generally feel bad about it. As I cried, he watched and was just so happy. Whenever I subsided, he would hit me to get it going again and just watch and grin.

Over the next 15 years, he remained violent and manipulative. He was a popular star athlete and bullied a kid into suicide, abused our pets, and sent kids to the hospital from fights he started. God, I have such a list if the awful shit he did that I really don’t know where to start. His world and mind collapsed in college and the only time the family hears from him is when he wants something from us. When he asks, he treats it like we are paying him overdue tribute, reminiscent of North Korea. He has preyed on everyone until they got wise to his scams, but my parents and little sister don’t learn. The last time I talked ti him, he tried charming me until I refused his request, then launched into a familiar tirade about how I am nothing to him and he only reaches out to me because I am having the success he deserves and I owe him. If I had his address, I’d send him balloons.”  — manonthemount

18. She tried to give me a STD

“Sister tried to give me an STD.

She has genital herpes and used my bathroom. While in there, she took a panty-liner out of the box beside the toilet, rubbed it on herself, and put it back. I’m guessing she had open sores at the time because there was a tiny trace of blood on the panty liner.

If her plan had worked and I had a seemingly spontaneous outbreak of herpes, it would have very likely ended my marriage. husband and I would have each believed the other had cheated.” — murdershethrew

19. She locked the bathroom so I’d pee my pants

“This is super long because I have many stories and this probably will get buried but whatever.

I am 22 and my half sister is 27. One day she invited me to lunch which was unusual. Because she never really cares about how I’m doing. I asked her what was wrong and why she wanted to have lunch and she said “nothing, I just want to have lunch with you.” We arrive and she waits until after the meal to tell me that my dad (not her biological dad) was arrested two days prior because he was addicted to meth.

I am currently on medication that can give me seizures if I drink alcohol with it and for my 22nd birthday her present to me was a large bottle of wine. When my brother in law saw the embarrassment and sadness in my face he asked me why I had that reaction. I told him about my medication and he was mortified because my sister never told him. From the moment she handed me the bag she was cackling to herself like she made the funniest joke in the world.

When we were much younger my sister and I shared a room. We had a metal framed bunk bed and she lifted up the mattress of the bottom bunk and told me to look under it. Being the 7 year old I was I obliged and once I stuck my head under she let the mattress go and it hit me with full force in the back of the head and my face hit metal bars. I started gushing blood and after I managed to get myself out I ran to my mom. My sister was pissing herself she was so entertained.

We also shared a bathroom. She locked me out of the bathroom and wouldn’t let me use it to pee and my parent’s room and bathroom were off limits. I could hear her laughing as I was begging to use it for two seconds to pee and started laughing harder when I pissed my pants.

When she was in middle school my parents allowed her to go to the movies with her friends if she brought me along. They bought tickets to Santa Clause 2 (2002) and snuck in a different theater to watch Ghost Ship. I watched until a super gruesome scene and then wanted to leave but she didn’t. She had me go into the next theater alone and watch the end of Santa Clause 2. A man came and tried to talk to me and get me to come with him and wouldn’t leave me alone until after I refused loudly and ran to a manager. On our way home my sister made me promise not to tell our parents about anything but I was so terrified of that entire day that as soon as we got back to the house and my mom asked “how was the movie” I broke down and cried. Mind you I was 8 years old at this time.

My parents didn’t help me pay for college because she dropped out. They didn’t help me get a car or teach me how to drive because she was having sex and smoking weed in the car they helped her get.

And now I don’t talk to my family because they treat me like I shat on their favorite piece of cake and my sister is the angel with the husband and the baby and everything is perfect.” — Bear_Puppy

20. She said disturbing things to me

“My mother is a narcissist. She was beaten constantly by her brother growing up, who I’m pretty convinced is a sociopath. However she’s always had to be in control of things, she’s never wrong, and she sees herself as the pinnacle of what a person should be. She’ll say horrible things to me, and there was never a punishment to fit the crime. Every inadequacey was punished harshly but never followed through on. The first memory that stands out in my mind was Mother’s Day when I was six or seven. I literally wanted to help my mother in every way that day, but when it came time to cook dinner, I wasn’t doing everything exactly her way so she screamed at me to get out and drove me to tears. Once I hit puberty it got so much worse. My mom definitely has somewhat of an eating disorder, and so did her mother. The first words she said to me when I got my period was that I couldn’t eat like a kid anymore. When my body started changing and I put on five pounds, my mom started me on diets. She would watch everything I ate closely so naturally I became obsessive over food. On one occasion I took a cookie at a Christmas party and she say me eating it and ripped it out of my hands in front of people. I snuck another one, caught me, and proceeded to throw a handful of cookies at me and call me a fatass in front of my friends. She’d make me get on a scale every week and if I gained wait she’d ground me or take something away. It wasn’t long until I developed really bad bulimia. She still denies having anything to do with it, despite lingering damage to my heart and stomach. When I lost a friend to suicide, she told me I was full of shit for being upset but agreed to take me to see a therapist anyway. I didn’t really realize how bad it was until I finally started saying it out loud. I’d like to think I’ve gotten past it but the thought of having a child terrifies me because I’m scared I’ll become my mother.” — batmain

21. She ripped my mother off after my father died

“When my dad was battling cancer for 11 months and my sister did everything in her power to gain attention. She essentially forced my mom to visit frequently, threatening to take her grandson away if she didn’t visit.

She asked to borrow money from my dad’s life insurance that was granted because he was terminal. He simply asked for a promissory note, for my mom cause he’d likely pass before she paid him back.

She went off on him and my mom. Totally ruthless and how dare they ask her for that. Years later when my dad needed money she asked my sister. And my sister said only if you sign a promissory note…

Fucking cunt. So happy to only be half related to her. She’s not my dad’s daughter. He basically adopted her.

A few years after my dad died, my mom can’t afford my dad’s truck anymore. Which had huge sentimental value but also it helped with the property. 2 acres etc.

The truck was valued at 7. My mom owed ten. The payments were too much for her.

So the bank let’s her look for someone who may be willing to by it for value price. My mom ask around for people who may either want it or could buy it and let my mom make smaller payments. My sister wouldn’t do it despite having the money.

After a couple months my sister calls the bank pretending to be my mom and says she found someone to buy it for 3000 but she needs to confirm it.

My sister turns and tells my mom to call the bank and see if they will take 3000 from her and if they will give her information.

My mom sells it to my sister who then dumps 3k into a lift and exhaust and whatever else.

And tells my mom she’s gonna sell it.

My mom ask how much? And she says it’s valued at 12 but we will sell it to you for ten.

My mom absolutely loves the truck… That’s her husband’s.

She says Okay, just work with me on the payments please.

My sister turns around and says, we will only sell it to you if you can buy it outright for 10k. FULLY FUCKING KNOWING SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY MONEY.

Then sells it for 12k doesn’t help my mom bit.

Fuck that woman. I hate her and am so glad shes out of my life.” — fbtra

22. She threatened to kill herself

“Where to begin… I think mostly, long before our parents noticed, unfortunately. Either because parents sometimes insist on being blind to the defects of their own children in order to avoid the pain, or because they both worked long hours and so I stayed alone with my younger brother a lot to take care of him. One day I came back from my after-school job, and saw him standing above a big fire he’d lit in our front yard. I asked him politely and calmly to put it out, since I was horrified but also concerned about the garden in the yard and my family’s rose bushes, the last remaining plant from my grandfather. He didn’t say anything, but minutes later he came after me up the stairs and physically attacked me, the first major incident in a long line of physical altercations, with myself and the rest of our fam. Then came the knife-throwing incident, the kicking our 60-year-old father in the stomach incident, the running away and threatening suicide, and the ultimate unveiling of his paranoid delusion (people are out to break into the house and poison him and the family dog, etc.) Our parents internalized our grim family reality only much, much later. He is in fact the reason I first left home, since even sleeping with a lock on my door didn’t help me feel safe around him. I still worry for my parents, like one day I’m going to get that awful phone call that he did something to them.” — NomiDan82

23. She bit a chunk out of our dad’s arm

“My (older) middle sister is a narcissist. I think she has borderline personality disorder. We’ve always know she wasn’t normal. Even when she was a baby, my mom though she was off. When our oldest sister got pregnant, middle sister would throw hammers and punch my older sister. She’s bitten a chunk out of my dads arm. Sometimes she’s tolerable, but in a split second shell get pissed about something and take it out on others around her. So yeah. She’s never been normal and I plan on cutting her out of my life until my nieces and nephew are 18.” — bcraven1

24. She forced us to smoke

“I learned that she wasn’t normal when she forced my younger sister (5) and I (7) to smoke a cigarette, she then started laughing because we where getting sick. It was either that or being forced to stand in the snow with my bare feet until my parents came home, so I chose to smoke the cigarette. Needless to say, that was the last time my parents allowed her to babysit us.” — [deleted]

25. My entire wedding revolved around her

“I realized my sister wasn’t normal and super narcissistic when everything about my wedding had to revolve around her. She made life a living hell on earth. My friends were so appalled at her behavior, I finally had to take a step back & realize her narcissistic behavior was ruining celebratory events. If she didn’t get her way, the slew of gut wrenching insults came my way. We’re about 3 1/2 years apart & I am the oldest (she is the middle child). She has no empathy, she never apologizes, just says the worst things ever and ‘moves on’ like I deserved her wrath. She has the temper of a 5 year old, blows up all the time and then makes everyone around her feel sorry for her. Now that I’m pregnant, it’s only gotten worse. I’ve had to remove her from my life as it’s one of the most toxic relationships I’ve ever experienced. But that’s when I first realized that she may be a narcissist.” — SashWhitGrabby

26. She didn’t understand why death was sad

“Little sister was five or six and I asked if she’d miss me while I was away at summer camp. She replied that she never missed people when they left – she only missed the things they gave her.

Twenty years later, she hasn’t changed much. Other people only exist when they have things she wants, or can help her get what she wants.

Once, at a funeral, she said she didn’t understand why people went on and on after someone died. Didn’t they get tired of acting like they were sad? Another time, she said something similar about laughing when you’re supposed to, not because you felt like laughing. It was eerie, very much about how to pretend/blend in.” — NotAnotherWhatever Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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