26 People On The Most Disturbing Confession Someone Casually Gave Them

Sometimes, secrets are better left hidden. At least, that’s what these people from Ask Reddit think.

9. A child killed someone

“When I was in 4th grade one of my friends broke down in tears and told me that he had murdered someone. And that’s why he moved away from CA. As a very gullible 9 year old, I walked around with the burden of knowing a murderer for about a week.” — nbsffreak212

10. He purposely spread his STD

“They gave four virgins chlamydia.

Instantly thought less of this person.” — Geosaurusrex

11. He fucked his cousin’s corpse

“My friend said he was left alone with the body of his dead cousin during the funeral (everyone got personal time to say goodbye or whatever) and he had sex with it. He cried when he told us. I have no other information.” — meowmixmeowmix123

12. She murdered a dog

“Someone close to me killed her step-dad’s dog by feeding it tylenol PM in peanut butter because it annoyed her.” — lunchbockslarry

13. They wanted to eat human flesh

“That they have had cannibalistic thoughts in the past.” — Cats_Of_Olympus

14. He was a pedophile

“That my great-uncle likes kids. It suddenly made a whole lot more sense that none of his adult daughters were ever married/had a serious LTR and are overweight with self-esteem issues. Every other aspect of his life is perfectly normal and I would have never expected that from him. There was a court case before I was born that was dismissed. My mother never even let me meet him until early this year, because she didn’t want to take the chance that he might act indecently towards me.” — Limpfoot

15. He shot seven men

“I work with a Polish dude who barely speaks English… He’s a loveable 40-something dude, who just drinks vodka and laughs infectiously all day long. A textbook carefree scamp.

Every couple of months everyone from work heads to a bar that hook us up with half price drinks for that particular night. It’s pretty sweet… So anyway, this Polish dude and i were at the end of a long 10 person bench laughing about nothing and drinking ice cold cruiser, after ice cold cruiser. It was great.

Eventually we (somehow) got onto the topic of what he did before he came to England… After a few brews his English became even more scattered, but he did try, bless him.

So he says he was in the army and so on and so forth, after which he said ‘I shoot 7 men dead’. Now that might not seem too heavy for you, but it blew me away… He was on the front-lines during the Kosovan war (from what i could gather).

I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, get too much more out of him due to the language barrier. Also, some gnarly, illegal shit happened during that war, which I don’t think I could bear to know about.

Keep smiling, Pete.” — Vernon-T-Waldrip


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