15 Signs He’s Not Right For You, Even Though He’s A REALLY Good Guy

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Rose Photography

1. You always end your sentences with buts. He’s a great guy, but… He’s cute, but… He really likes me, but…

2. When he kisses you, you feel nothing. You don’t get that flutter in your stomach or lightness in your chest. You just feel meh.

3. You don’t text back quickly. You’ll read his message, put your phone down, and won’t remember to reply until he texts you a second time.

4. You feel uncomfortable when he compliments you. You wish he’d see you as a normal person instead of putting you on a pedestal, because you’re not perfect. You wish he’d realize that.

5. You don’t really talk. You’ll text. And when you’re together, you’ll watch TV shows you both like. You might even have sex. But you never really talk about anything meaningful.

6. Whenever your friends ask about your relationship, you’re able to list off all the sweet things he’s done for you. It makes it look like you have the perfect relationship. Which is why you can’t figure out why you’re so unhappy.

7. You feel guilty whenever you think about moving on. But you also feel guilty whenever you spend the day with him, because you know it isn’t going to work out and don’t want to make him fall harder for you, only to shatter his heart in the near future.

8. You don’t go out of your way to spend time with him. If you have the option, you’ll choose to hang out with your friends (or even to sleep in late) rather than stop by his house.

9. You like his friends, his parents, his car, or the girlfriend label more than you actually like him.

10. You don’t care what you look like in front of him — not even a little bit. You put way more effort into your appearance when you go to work or hang out with your friends.

11. You’ve complained to your friends about him being too nice and then felt like a huge asshole for complaining about something you should be happy about. But that’s the thing. You’re not happy. At all.

12. You freak out whenever he mentions the future. You don’t want him to talk about baby names or what your wedding would be like, because you subconsciously know that your relationship is never going to last that long.

13. There are other guys you’re interested in. And you can’t get them out of your head. Even when you’re in bed with your good guy.

14. When you go a few days without seeing him or a few hours without getting a text, you almost forget about his existence.

15. You don’t want to hurt him by breaking up with him, but other than the guilt, there wouldn’t be any repercussions. You’d be just as happy without him. Maybe even happier. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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