13 Manipulative Things Men Do To Make YOU Feel Like The Crazy One

Disclaimer: Obviously, not ALL men are guilty of these things. And some women ARE guilty of these things.
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Rose Photography

1. He’ll turn everything around. Whenever you accuse him of doing the wrong thing, he’ll find a way to put the blame on you and act like you were the one that actually screwed up.

2. Or he’ll act like you have no reason to be angry with him. That you don’t have the right. He’ll convince you that you’re being too emotional, that you’re overreacting, that you’re acting like a psycho.

3. He’ll play the victim. Whenever you get mad at him, he’ll bring up the fact that his grandmother is in the hospital or that he’s been under a lot of stress at work. He’ll make you feel like an asshole for being mean to him.

4. He’ll act like he’s the boyfriend of the year. Even if he does something shitty like cheat, he’ll ask you how you could be mad at him when he does everything for you. When he treats you better than any other guy would treat you.

5. Whenever you get upset over something he’s said, he’ll claim that he was only joking. He was only joking about you gaining weight. He was only joking about your best friend being hot. Come on, lighten up.

6. He’ll purposely bring up the things that hurt you. Instead of explaining how he knows the girl that’s been texting him, he’ll tell you that you’re just being paranoid, because your parents cheated on each other. Then you’ll end up thinking about how fucked up you are instead of how he avoided the question.

7. He’ll make fun of you in front of friends. He’ll tell a funny story about how crazy you acted the other day when he refused to watch a romcom with you. And when you see your friends laugh, you’ll believe that he was right and you were acting crazy.

8. He’ll send mixed signals. One day, he’ll treat you like his number one priority, and then the next day he’ll ignore your texts. And when you get angry with him, he’ll remind you that you’re not his wife. That you’re not in charge of his life. And then you’ll feel bad for trying to control him.

9. He’ll resort to crying. He’ll make you feel guilty for speaking your mind and you’ll end up comforting him.

10. He’ll straight up lie to you. He’ll tell you that he hasn’t been talking to any other girls, even though you’ve seen their texts pop up on his phone. And he’s so good at twisting the facts, that you kind of believe him.

11. He’ll act clueless. You weren’t happy that he was flirting with your sister? He had no idea, because you didn’t mention anything. He’ll convince you that it’s your fault for not bringing up the problem sooner.

12. He’ll bring up old fights. If you nag him about cleaning the dishes or doing the laundry, he’ll remind you of the time you ruined his suit or keyed his car. He won’t let go of that one memory, because it’s convenient. It always gets him off the hook, because it distracts you from whatever he’s just done wrong.

13. He’ll refuse to apologize. In fact, even if he’s the one that started the fight and you did absolutely nothing wrong, you’ll be the one that ends up apologizing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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