Your Standards Are Too Low If You Let Him Get Away With These 16 Bullshit Things

Twenty20, freemanlafleur
Twenty20, freemanlafleur

1. Ignoring your texts. He’s not that busy or that forgetful. His phone is always on him. It’s not like he hasn’t seen your message. He knows it’s there. He just doesn’t care.

2. Fucking you without dating you. If you agreed on this arrangement, then have a blast. But if you’re looking for something serious and he’s been stringing you along with empty promises, but still won’t put an actual label on the relationship, you need to kiss him buh-bye.

3. Talking shit about you on social media. If he won’t upload a couple’s picture, but he has no problem posting a status about how pissed he is at an unnamed someone, then a breakup is in order, because he clearly has no respect for you.

4. Calling you emotional. Accusing you of being crazy after you tell him how you’re feeling isn’t okay. You shouldn’t be afraid to open up to him. He should encourage you to express yourself.

5. Having double standards. If he goes days without responding to you, but then gets pissed at you when you won’t answer his texts, he’s a hypocrite. Why should you treat him like a priority when you’re clearly his second (or third or fourth) choice?

6. Introducing you as a friend. Or, even worse, introducing you with your name and nothing else, because he’s worried about labeling you. If he’s not ballsy enough to call you his girlfriend, then you should stop thinking of him as your boyfriend.

7. Guilt tripping you. He shouldn’t make you feel bad for waiting to have sex or for turning down anal. He should respect your body and your opinion.

8. Lying straight to your face. It doesn’t matter if he’s fibbing about his job or his exes. Unless he’s lying about a birthday gift, then it’s unacceptable. You deserve the full truth.

9. Leaving out important info. If he “forgets” to tell you that he ran into his ex last night, it’s just as bad as lying to you. He was intentionally holding back information that he knew you would’ve been interested in hearing.

10. Ignoring your clit. Why should his orgasm be any more important than your orgasm? If you fuck him purely for his benefit, your expectations are way too low.

11. Hiding his phone. If his screen lights up every two seconds, but he won’t tell you who keeps messaging him, there’s a problem. If he has a lock screen with a complicated password, that’s also a problem. In a healthy relationship, there’s no secrecy.

12. Looking at his phone. It’s tempting to look at texts, but if you’re in the middle of telling a story, he shouldn’t grab his phone. If he’s just nodding along while tapping on a screen, he’s only half-paying attention to whatever it is you’re saying.

13. Comparing you to his ex. It’s healthy to know about his past, but if he brings up old girlfriends on the daily, then he’s clearly not over them. Which means you should get over him.

14. Ignoring you when friends are around. If he treats you like a goddess when you’re alone together, and then treats you like trash as soon as other people enter the picture, then he’s not the good guy you thought he was. He’s just another asshole.

15. Saying unacceptable things. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a heated argument. If he calls you a bitch or a cunt — or actually hits you — then an apology isn’t enough. You need to walk away from a guy like that.

16. Cheating. Flirting with another girl is bad enough, but kissing? Or fucking? No. You deserve better. Much better. Never doubt that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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