You Should Be Able To Do These 13 Things Without Any Help From A Man

Unsplash, Matthew Hamilton
Unsplash, Matthew Hamilton

1. Look in the mirror and like what you see. You shouldn’t need constant compliments and right swipes on Tinder to feel attractive. You should learn to love your body in its natural form. You should learn to love yourself.

2. Survive a rough day. Sure, life is easier when someone is there to support you and give you a relaxing back massage — but you shouldn’t need those things. You should be strong enough to get back on your feet, even if no one else is around to pull you up.

3. Fall asleep. You don’t need your head on his chest or his breath in your ear to fall asleep. You should learn to be comfortable by yourself — whether it’s in a coffee shop or in your own bed.

4. Defend yourself. You shouldn’t need a man by your side to protect you when something goes wrong. You should know how to kick ass on your own. So sign up for that self-defense class ASAP.

5. Make enough money to survive. Don’t beg your boyfriend for a few extra bucks to pay the rent. Become a self-sufficient woman that puts in enough hours to keep herself fed and sheltered.

6. Fix basic problems. You should be able to sew a button back on your shirt and figure out why your computer isn’t connecting to the internet. You’re more than smart enough to sort it all out.

7. Orgasm. You don’t need a tongue in between your legs to experience an earth-shattering orgasm. You should be able to create the same result with a vibrator or your own five fingers.

8. Drive. Get your license, so you don’t have to bum rides off of your boyfriend. And if you aren’t interested in driving yourself around, then at least earn enough money to pay for an Uber every weekday.

9. Cook. You’re not meant to become a five-star chef, but you should at least learn to whip up a few simple meals. You can’t survive on fast food forever.

10. Take care of your car. You should know when to change the oil and how to swap out a tire. You don’t want to end up breaking down or crashing, all because you didn’t put in the proper maintenance.

11. Travel. You shouldn’t be terrified to meet your friends in a new part of town or hop on a plane by yourself. You should trust yourself to make the right decisions and get there safely on your own.

12. Hold a conversation. You shouldn’t expect your boyfriend to speak for you. If someone asks you a question, answer it yourself. He’s no more interesting than you are.

13. Be happy. You shouldn’t be depressed whenever your boyfriend leaves the room. You should have a life without him. You should be happy, even when he isn’t around to kiss and cuddle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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