If You’ve Been Doing These 15 Things Nonstop, He’s Not Your Forever Person

Unsplash, Med Badr
Unsplash, Med Badr

1. Apologizing. Despite what he says, you’re not a fuck up. There’s no need for you to say sorry every five seconds. If he’s making you feel like crap, then you have to swap him out with someone that makes you feel special.

2. Crying yourself to sleep. Never go to bed angry — or with tear filled eyes. If he makes you so upset that you start crying, then he should try to fix the damage. If he doesn’t even attempt to make you feel any better, then you’re in the wrong relationship.

3. Checking your texts. You shouldn’t have to stare at your phone, wondering when he’s going to reply to your latest message. If he doesn’t have the time to answer you, then you shouldn’t make time to date him.

4. Interrogating him. You shouldn’t feel the need to question him as soon as he walks through the door. If you expect the worst from him, then why are you with him?

5. Getting wasted. If you were never really a drinker until you met him and started getting treating terribly, then you need to take yourself away from the toxic situation. Staying healthy is far more important than staying in a relationship.

6. Calling yourself ugly. He can’t magically make all of your insecurities disappear. But when you’re in a healthy relationship, you’re in a good mood more often, which helps you appreciate what you see in the mirror. So if he’s making you feel even more insecure than usual, something’s wrong.

7. Masturbating. He should be around to make you orgasm. If he’s not willing to reciprocate oral or pay any attention to your clit, then he’s a pretty useless sex partner.

8. Checking up on his social media. You shouldn’t be incessantly checking his Instagram to see if he liked another girl’s picture. If you are, then you clearly don’t trust him, and should find a relationship that you’re more comfortable in.

9. Complaining to your friends. If you can never think of a single nice thing to say about your boyfriend, but can come up with dozens of complaints, you either need to make some serious compromises or break some hearts.

10. Holding in your anger. You shouldn’t be afraid to speak your mind, because it’s unhealthy to bottle everything up inside. If you can’t tell him why you’re unhappy, then the problems are never going to get fixed.

11. Telling little white lies. If you lie about the people you’ve been hanging out with or how late you’ve been working, you’re helping your relationship fall apart. It can’t stay strong when lies are weighing it down.

12. Avoiding him. You shouldn’t be staying late at work or searching for friends to hit the bar with, so you don’t have to go straight home to him. You should be eager to see his face.

13. Using dating apps. Cheating isn’t the answer, so if you’ve been looking for validation from someone other than your boyfriend, you should end it with him. He clearly isn’t fulfilling your needs and there’s no reason to screw him over by screwing someone else.

14. Having arguments. Every couple fights. But if you’re having intense throat-scratching fights multiple times per week, then it’s time to find someone else. Someone you can enjoy a quiet night out with.

15. Wondering if you should break up with him. If the idea of dumping him pops into your mind at least once per night, then you should break up with him. Stop questioning yourself and go with your gut. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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