He’s Not Your Forever Person If He Triggers These 15 Toxic Feelings

Even in a healthy relationship, you’re going to feel all of these emotions at one point or another. But if you’re feeling any of them MORE than happiness, he’s got to go.

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1. Disappointment. He shouldn’t show up late to dates. He shouldn’t forget your birthday. He shouldn’t make promises to you and then forget to follow through on them.

2. Fear. If you’re afraid of initiating an important conversation, because he has a temper and you’re worried about him blowing up, you shouldn’t be with him. You should be able to talk to him without the fear of getting cursed out or smacked around.

3. Shame. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with him. You shouldn’t have to trail behind him, apologizing to everyone for his behavior. You should be proud to show him off. You should want everyone to know he’s yours.

4. Loneliness. If you feel alone, even when you’re with him, then you’re obviously not receiving the love you deserve. When you find your forever person, you won’t feel like you’re alone, even when he’s miles away.

5. Jealousy. You shouldn’t be in a constant state of jealousy, freaking out over every woman he talks to. Either you’re overreacting or he’s being inappropriate. Either way, it’s not healthy for you two to stay together.

6. Self-doubt. You shouldn’t feel the need to wear makeup in front of him or be afraid of getting naked in front of him. He shouldn’t bring out your biggest insecurities. He should make you feel beautiful. Worthwhile. Wanted.

7. Sadness. You shouldn’t be crying yourself to sleep every night. There’s no reason for that. Your forever person will take away the tears, not cause them.

8. Confusion. If he cares about you, he won’t send mixed signals. He won’t give vague answers when you ask him where he’s going. He’ll be completely honest with you, because he knows you deserve the truth.

9. Anger. When you’re arguing more than you’re laughing, something is seriously wrong. If you’re constantly complaining to your friends about your boyfriend, because you’re always pissed at him, listen to their advice and dump his ass.

10. Disgust. If you think the way he talks about women or animals or himself is disgusting, then you don’t need him. Don’t settle for an asshole.

11. Discomfort. He shouldn’t pressure you to do something you’re uncomfortable with, whether it’s having sex or going to the bar with him. You should never feel uncomfortable when you’re with your forever person.

12. Resentment. You shouldn’t blame him for losing your job or ruining your relationship with your parents. If you do, then you’re better off being single, because that bitterness isn’t going to go away.

13. Suspicion. You shouldn’t have to scroll through his texts and figure out his passwords to see if he’s cheating. You should know in your heart that he would never hurt you. If you feel like he would, then why the hell are you with him?

14. Skepticism. If you still believe that true love is a lie and marriage is a sham, you probably haven’t found your forever person yet. The right guy will make you believe in fairy tales again–at least to a certain extent.

15. Worthlessness. He shouldn’t make you feel like crap. Like you can’t do anything right and you’re never going to accomplish anything. He should be a reminder that you’re talented and intelligent and self-efficient. That you can achieve even your craziest dreams. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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