Why Each Zodiac Is 'Just Friends' With Their Crush

25 Energizing Experiences You Can Only Enjoy With Friends

Everything gets better when you live your most authentic life, so don’t hold back. Be bold, like the flavor of Café Bustelo® coffee. We’ve partnered with Café Bustelo to celebrate all the ways you can enjoy life to the absolute fullest by living fearlessly, and being YOU.

1. Blasting music in your car during a long drive and singing your hearts out, even though you have no clue what the actual lyrics are.

2. Checking out the newest Snapchat filters and seeing which one of you looks best while rocking a flower crown.

3. Watching terrible movies and making fun of them until your chest literally hurts from laughing.

4. Sending hysterical texts while you’re in the same room together, because you don’t want anyone else to get in on your private conversation.

5. Grabbing a cup of coffee in the middle of the workday to talk about your favorite TV shows, friend gossip, and weekend plans. It’s fun (obviously) but taking short breaks also makes you more productive in the long run. Win-win!

6. Agreeing to wear flannel (or pink) on the same day, so that you’re successfully twinning.

7. Making each other laugh so hard that one of you actually starts to cry.

8. Playing games you’re way too old for, like MASH and Truth or Dare, because you’re both kids at heart.

9. Filming videos that you swear are going to turn you into YouTube celebrities, and then never actually uploading them.

10. Hitting the mall to try on new clothes and pretending that you’re in a montage during a romantic comedy.

11. Calling their parents “mom” and “dad,” because you love them as much as you love your own parents.

12. Taking the ugliest selfies imaginable and sending them to each other, just to make them snort.

13. Throwing an impromptu dance party in the middle of the park on a quiet afternoon.

14. Letting them look through your texts and make fun of the messages you’ve been sending back and forth with your crush.

15. Bursting out laughing after looking at each other, because you know exactly what they’re thinking.

16. Looking through Pinterest and planning out your future wedding, even though you aren’t currently in a relationship and have no clue who your husband will be. But you know they’ll be your maid of honor!

17. Freaking out when you’re at the mall and your song comes over the speakers, so you do a little dance in the middle of the aisles.

18. Holding hands and walking so close together that strangers assume that you’re dating.

19. “Liking” every single one of their photos on social media, because you want them to realize how beautiful they are.

20. Finding a store that sells make-up, so you can give each other makeovers with the free samples.

21. Wearing friendship bracelets or necklaces, even though you know they come across as super tacky.

22. Turning on the worst Netflix show you can find and “ironically” watching it together for a laugh.

23. Sharing your fries with them, as long as they agree to share their milkshake with you.

24. Making up a dance routine to go along with a certain song, so you can bust out the moves whenever it plays at a party.

25. Writing ridiculously long Facebook statuses for them on their birthday to remind them that you couldn’t live without them.

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