12 Signs Your Long-Term Relationship Is Going To Turn Into A Marriage

Unsplash, Larisa Birta
Unsplash, Larisa Birta

1. You’re genuinly happy. You don’t need him to change to be happy. You don’t need a bigger house to be happy. You don’t need a child to be happy. If you’re happy, right now, just the way things are, it’s a good sign.

2. After an argument, you actually apologize. You don’t force him to say sorry and then remain silent yourself. And you don’t skip the adult conversation you know you need to have and go straight to the make-up sex. You fix your problems and come out of your arguments stronger, not weaker.

3. You do an equal amount of work. Neither of you feel like you’re taking care of the lion’s share of the chores. You’re both working hard to keep the house clean and the rent paid.

4. You trust him. You know he wouldn’t cheat on you. He wouldn’t hide money from you. He wouldn’t pretend with you. You don’t expect any lies to drip from his mouth.

5. The sex is pretty damn great. Even though you’ve been together for a long time, you’re still excited to hop into bed. You agree to sex more than you turn it down, because there are still sparks whenever he touches you.

6. You aren’t tempted to cheat. Sure, you notice other men. But you don’t want them. Not really. Your boyfriend is the only one for you, and you’ve accepted the fact that you’re never going to sleep with another person again.

7. You make decisions together. Before you quit your job, you talk it over with him. Hell, you talk to him before you buy new curtains for the living room. You’re teammates. His opinion matters as much as yours does.

8. You feel like he’s pushing you forward — not like he’s holding you back. He encourages you to go after your dreams. He makes you feel like the impossible is possible.

9. You spend a lot of time together. Even though the puppy love stage is over, you still go out on dates. You still have fun together. You still consider him your best friend.

10. You also spend time apart. You don’t need to be hovering over his shoulder 24/7. You encourage him to go out with his friends and get a beer with the boys from the office. You both have your own lives, even though they overlap a lot.

11. You have the same goals. You either both want kids or you don’t. You either both want to live in California or you don’t. You’re on the same page about what you want out of life.

12. You both want to get marriedTo each other. And you talk about the future all the time. You can’t imagine being apart, because you genuinly believe you’re soulmates. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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