If You Want To Find Your Forever Person, You Can Never Do These 16 Things Again

Unsplash, Denis Gavrilenco
Unsplash, Denis Gavrilenco

1. Get turned on by every act of kindness. You might think a cute stranger is a total sweetheart, because he held open the door for you one time, but it’s not that big of a deal. Try not to fall for every guy that’s not a total dick to you.

2. Search for dates on Tinder. Yes, there are some good guys on there trying to find serious girlfriends. But most men are just looking to get laid. If you want something real, try switching to another dating site.

3. Text him first. I know you’re sick of the dating games. But I’m not telling you to wait a certain amount of time between texts or to refuse to initiate the conversation at all. You can text him first. But if you’re the one contacting him seven days per week, it proves you like him more than he likes you.

4. Complain about how much single life sucks. If you keep telling yourself you’ll be better off with a boyfriend, then you’re going to settle for less than you deserve. Remind yourself that being alone is better than being in an unhealthy relationship, so that you don’t end up in a dangerous situation.

5. Hesitate to have important conversations. I know you don’t want to look desperate by begging for a relationship, but you can save yourself a lot of trouble by being upfront with him. It’s better to find out he’s only looking for a fling on the first date than after you fuck him.

6. Change your appearance. If he doesn’t like the real you, then he’s not meant for you. It’s as simple as that.

7. Get drunk before you scope out men. If you have your beer goggles on, then you’re going to go after the wrong men. I know it’s scary to approach boys when you’re sober, but you should give it a try.

8. Text him for too long. You shouldn’t text for months before meeting face-to-face. He might be perfect over the phone, but there might not be any chemistry in person. Save yourself some trouble by hanging out with him ASAP.

9. Settle for less than you deserve. If there isn’t a spark on that first date, then don’t go on a second date. Stop wasting your time with the wrong men.

10. Send him nudes and sleep with him. If you want casual sex, go for it! But if you want a real relationship, don’t let him see you naked before he takes you out on a legitimate date. Make him work for it.

11. Have low expectations. Everyone assumes that women have high expectations and are searching for their knight in shining armor, but that’s far from the truth. Most of us have insanely low expectations. But that has to change. You need to hold out for a guy that truly loves and respects you.

12. Compare everyone to your ex. The new guy you just met probably isn’t as big of a liar as your ex-boyfriend, so don’t assume they’re twins. Yes, you got hurt in the past. But you might not get hurt again in the future.

13. Keep your opinions to yourself. Hate the sport he keeps going on and on about? Think he looks like a fuckboy in the hat he’s wearing? Tell him. Don’t be a bitch about it. Just tease him about it. Keep it flirty.

14. Forget to look for boys IRL. Dating sites aren’t the only place to find men. You might find the perfect guy in your spin class or on your train ride to work. Keep those pretty eyes open.

15. Compare yourself to your friends. They might not be as happy with their boyfriends as they’re pretending to be. And if they are happy, use it as motivation. If they could find someone, you can, too.

16. Believe that you’re going to be alone forever. If you tell yourself a lie often enough, it’ll become the truth. Don’t do that to yourself. You deserve a real love and you’re going to find it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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