He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless He Makes These 13 ‘Complicated’ Things Feel Easy

Twenty20, adamkuylenstierna
Twenty20, adamkuylenstierna

1. Texting. You shouldn’t have to analyze every text he sends. You shouldn’t have to show your friends your phone so they can help you plan out what to say next. If he’s the right one for you, the conversation will flow easily. It will be fun. Not stressful.

2. Flirting. If you two have chemistry, then you won’t be worried about what to say and when to flip your hair back. You’ll be able to tease him, like you’ve known him for years. Flirting with him will just feel right.

3. Being honest. You shouldn’t have to hold back your feelings out of fear of looking desperate. You should feel free to tell him the truth–about everything. About what you want. About what you’ve been through. About the things you’ve never uttered to anyone else before.

4. Figuring out where you stand with him. You shouldn’t have to interpret his mixed signals. You shouldn’t be left guessing how he feels. If you’re right for each other, he’ll admit how he feels about you. He won’t hide his emotions.

5. Kissing. You shouldn’t be worried about the smell of your breath or the taste of your tongue. If he’s your forever person, then all you’re going to be thinking about in that moment is him.

6. Looking pretty. You shouldn’t have to rip apart your closet, trying to find the perfect outfit. You shouldn’t spend hours on your makeup, because you want him to think you look good. He should make you feel beautiful no matter what–even if you leave the house in your pajama pants.

7. Planning dates. If he gets you, he won’t have trouble suggesting a date spot. You mentioned that you love animals? He’ll take you to the zoo. It’s that easy.

8. Coming up with things to talk about. If you click, you won’t have to show up to your dates with prepared topics. You’ll naturally come up with things to say, whether it’s about your waiter or the highway you took to get there. There won’t be any awkward pauses.

9. Fighting. No, fighting is never fun. But when you’re with the right person, a small disagreement won’t turn into a screaming match. You’ll actually find a way to have a civil conversation with him that ends in compromise.

10. Making time to see each other. You shouldn’t have to go weeks without meeting up, because you’re both so busy. Here’s a secret: When you really like someone, you’ll find time to see him. No matter how busy your schedule is, you’ll figure out a way to fit him into it.

11. Playing games. The right guy won’t play hard to get or wait hours to text you back. Come to think of it, once you find your forever person, you won’t have to play any games at all. The relationship will be straightforward.

12. Having sex. You shouldn’t feel pressured to sleep with him. And after it’s done, you shouldn’t feel used. The sex shouldn’t feel like a chore in any way. It should feel like a blessing. Like you’re right where you’re meant to be.

13. Saying, “I love you.” If he’s really your forever person, these words won’t seem all that scary. And you won’t hesitate to say them, because you’ll know that he feels the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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