Date The Man That Can Handle All Your Crazy Meltdowns


Date the man that would never call you crazy, even if you come home crying over something insignificant that happened at work. Even when he doesn’t understand why you’re upset. He doesn’t need to understand. All he needs to know is that you’re hurt and that he wants to be the one to cheer you up. He wants to be the one to make you feel okay again–to make you feel better than okay.

Date the man that calms you down when you scream at an inanimate object, like your phone or computer, instead of laughing at you for getting upset over something so silly. The man that will help you fix your problems instead of standing by the sidelines and watching you suffer. The man that will remind you that it’s okay to ask for help. That you’re not alone. That you can always rely on him.

Date the man that would never be stupid enough to accuse you of being on your period when you get emotional. The man that appreciates the fact that you express your emotions instead of hiding everything inside. The man that values your willingness to be open with him, and knows that the only reason you’re telling him the truth is because you’re completely comfortable with him.

Date the man that answers your texts, even if you’re freaking out over something ridiculous. The man that’s willing to work out the problems you have with him instead of turning off his notifications and acting like the problems don’t exist. The man that puts all of his effort into your relationship, because he actually gives a damn about you. Because he wants your relationship to work for the long-term, and not just for the time being.

Date the man that would never make you feel shitty about suffering from anxiety or depression. The man that would never make you feel like a psychopath. Like a crazy girlfriend. Like a bad girlfriend. The man that understands that, even though you are responsible for your actions, you aren’t always in complete control of your emotions. Sometimes, your anxiety takes over and makes you freak out over things you wish weren’t bothering you.

Date the man that’s comfortable letting his emotions loose in front of you. The man that will let you see him cry, whether it’s after he’s lost a loved one or after he’s watched a rom-com with you. The man that doesn’t think he’s any less manly for sharing little pieces of his soul with you. The man that actually wants you to know him, the real him, “flaws” and all.

Date the man that doesn’t have any limits on his love for you. The man that thinks you’re beautiful, even when you break down crying. The man that makes it his mission to clear your tears away, because you’re the love of his life. Because you’re all he’s ever wanted and more–so much moreThought Catalog Logo Mark

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