50 Insanely Simple Questions That Will Tell You If You’ve Found Your Forever Person

Twenty20, edric
Twenty20, edric

1. Does he deserve your love?

2. Can you be weird AF around him?

3. Does he soothe your anxiety or increase it?

4. Does he treat you better than all of your exes did?

5. Is he your best friend?

6. Does he know your body well enough to make you orgasm?

7. Do you spend more nights laughing over inside jokes or crying over ridiculous fights?

8. Do you get along with his family (at least enough to see them on holidays)?

9. Does he make you feel beautiful?

10. Is it easier for you to imagine marrying him or getting your heart broken by him?

11. Do you wish he would change?

12. Is it easier to fall asleep at night when he’s by your side?

13. Does he put in effort on a daily basis?

14. Can you imagine a realistic future with him?

15. Does he know all of your secrets?

16. Is he capable of calming you down when you cry?

17. Have you changed your appearance to impress him or does he like you just the way you are?

18. Do you look forward to sex or do you treat it like a chore?

19. Do you think you’re settling?

20. Do other people consider you a cute couple or a dysfunctional one?

21. During fights, do you still treat each other with respect?

22. Honestly, do you think your relationship is healthy or toxic?

23. Is he the first person that you’d call with either good or bad news?

24. Do you trust him not to cheat on you?

25. Does he treat you like an equal?

26. Do you have fun whenever you’re together?

27. Does he openly admit how he feels about you or does he make you guess his emotions?

28. Are you comfortable with the idea of never sleeping with anyone new again?

29. Have you ever seriously considered breaking up with him?

30. Does he know the real you, and not just some version of you that you’ve been using to impress him?

31. Does he make you want to be a better person?

32. Are you happy when he’s happy and sad when he’s sad?

33. Do you feel like you’ve known him forever?

34. Does he encourage you to go after what you want?

35. When you talk about him, are you mostly bragging or complaining?

36. If you met your celebrity crush tomorrow, would you cheat on him or remain loyal?

37. Would you consider him a proper gentleman?

38. Would you leave him for any of your exes?

39. Is it easy for you to pick out presents for him?

40. Do you feel like he’s the person you’ve been waiting for all your life?

41. Are you happy to share everything with him, from your bathroom to your bank account?

42. Is it impossible to go a full day without thinking about him?

43. Do you have chemistry?

44. Are you proud or embarrassed to be seen with him?

45. Does he actually show you he loves you or does he just say it?

46. If soulmates exist, do you think that he’s yours?

47. Do you honestly love him or are you trying to love him?

48. Is he everything you’ve ever wanted?

49. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him?

50. Would you die for him? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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