33 Creepy ‘Never Have I Evers’ That Will Tell You Which Friend To Stay Away From

Unsplash, Mike Erskine
Unsplash, Mike Erskine

1. Never have I ever taken a photo of a hot person when they weren’t looking.

2. Never have I ever found a serial killer (or any other real life criminal) attractive.

3. Never have I ever masturbated to someone I’m related to by blood.

4. Never have I ever watched a YouTube video of someone getting murdered or tortured.

5. Never have I ever watched someone sleep for an extended period of time.

6. Never have I ever genuinly wished someone else was dead.

7. Never have I ever slept with someone that was old enough to be my mother/father.

8. Never have I ever written a disturbing story, poem, or song lyrics.

9. Never have I ever rooted for the villain in a movie, because I related to him more than the hero.

10. Never have I ever watched disturbing porn–and gotten off from it.

11. Never have I ever hurt someone (physically or emotionally) and felt absolutely no remorse.

12. Never have I ever laughed at a car crash.

13. Never have I ever smelled someone’s hair.

14. Never have I ever done something illegal–aside from smoking pot and blowing a red light.

15. Never have I ever purposely listened in on my roommates having sex.

16. Never have I ever kept a pair of someone else’s underwear.

17. Never have I ever stolen from a friend’s house.

18. Never have I ever lied to someone to ruin their relationship.

19. Never have I ever watched someone get dressed or undressed, even though they didn’t realize I was there.

20. Never have I ever kissed someone I wasn’t dating while they were sleeping.

21. Never have I ever broke into someone’s house when they weren’t around.

22. Never have I ever enjoyed the taste of my own blood.

23. Never have I ever listened to songs with violent lyrics on a loop all day long.

24. Never have I ever talked to my parents or my grandparents about my sex life–in too much detail.

25. Never have I ever spent hours Facebook stalking a crush or an ex.

26. Never have I ever tried to hack into my crush’s accounts to read their messages.

27. Never have I ever called someone and then hung up after they answered.

28. Never have I ever gotten so obsessed with a celebrity that I pointlessly hated the person they were dating.

29. Never have I ever had sex in my parent’s bed.

30. Never have I ever lied to the police.

31. Never have I ever watched someone through their bedroom window.

32. Never have I ever masturbated while a family member was still in the room with me.

33. Never have I ever been afraid of what I’m capable of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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