20 Personality Traits That Mean He’s More Inclined To Cheat Than Other Men

Don’t freak out, because if your partner has a few of these traits, it doesn’t mean they’re cheating on you. But if they have most of these traits, there’s a good chance that they will eventually cheat on you, so keep your eyes open.

Twenty20, sokobanz
Twenty20, sokobanz

1. He’s impulsive. He says whatever’s on his mind as soon as it pops into his head, because he’s incapable of holding back. He has little to no self-control.

2. He has friends and parents that cheat. It’s not guarenteed that he’ll follow in his father’s unfaithful footsteps, but if all of his friends cheat, then he might start to think it isn’t a big deal and end up doing it himself.

3. He’s a good liar. If you’ve caught him in several lies (that go beyond fibbing about your birthday gift), then you need to be careful. If he’s willing to lie to you about how much he spent at the bar, then he might be willing to lie about the women he spoke to at the bar.

4. He’s a flirt. If he stares at your waitress’ breasts and asks if she’s single when you’re right there, imagine what he’ll do behind your back.

5. He’s fickle. If he’s constantly changing his mind, because he’s never satisfied, then you could be in trouble. He might end up bored of you and decide to sleep with someone new.

6. He’s selfish. During sex, he cares more about making himself orgasm than making you orgasm. And when it’s time to pick a movie, he picks the one he’d like instead of the one you’d both like.

7. He never apologizes. Or even worse, he never feels guilty. If he thinks that he can do no wrong, then he’ll see how far he can go and still get away with it.

8. He’s insanely jealous. If he has the urge to cheat, then he’ll think you have the same urge. That’s why he’ll get paranoid whenever you look at another guy.

9. He’s an adrenaline junkie. If he loves jumping out of planes and off of bridges, then he might want to take another type of risk–by cheating on you.

10. He’s secretive. He has a lock screen on his phone that he won’t give you the password to. And he never tells you any details about what happened during his day.

11. He’s sexy. This has less to do with him and more to do with other women. If he’s drop dead gorgeous, then more girls will be looking at him, which means he’ll have more opportunities to cheat.

12. He’s filthy rich. Why do you think so many celebrities cheat? Because they accidentally end up on power trips and think they’re untouchable.

13. He’s an addict. If he’s addicted to drugs or alcohol, then his judgement may be skewed.

14. He’s always miserable. It’s not your fault that he feels that way. He just thinks the grass is greener on the other side, which is why he might end up exploring other options.

15. He’s insecure. If he wants a quick confidence boost, sleeping with a stranger could give it to him.

16. He hates being alone. If he doesn’t want to spend his nights in an empty bed, he might find someone else to keep him occupied while you’re away.

17. He’s a misogynist. If he doesn’t respect you, he’ll have no problem cheating on you.

18. He does stupid things when he’s drunk. If he uses alcohol as an excuse for getting into fist fights and missing work, then what makes you think he’ll stop at that?

19. He has a ridiculously high sex drive. If he gets a hard-on whenever another woman walks by, then you should watch your back. The hornier he gets, the harder it’ll be for him to hold back.

20. He’s cheated before. Once a cheater, always a cheater isn’t necessarily true. But if he’s cheated before, it means he’s capable of the act, so proceed with caution. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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