14 Guys Admit Why They Haven’t Stopped Thinking About That ONE Girl, Even Though They Never Dated

Twenty20, joelgonewild
Twenty20, joelgonewild

1. “Yeah, so, we went to high school together. I didn’t like her back then. She liked me. But we’re friends on Facebook now and she got hot. Like, supermodel sexy. I don’t know if I missed my chance or not, though, so I haven’t messaged her yet. I just keep liking her posts.” — Stephen, 23

2. “We were in an almost relationship. Out of nowhere, I stopped texting her, because I got scared of how fast we were moving. Biggest mistake of my life. I’ve thought about contacting her a million times, but she’s probably dating someone else now.” — Andrew, 22

3. “I don’t know what we were. Friends with benefits, maybe? We hooked up from time to time. Then she left, because she wanted something real with me. Honestly, I had feelings for her too, but I was too chickenshit to say it.” — Greg, 28

4. “We were best friends. I never told her how I felt, because I didn’t want to lose her. Turned out, we grew apart anyway, so I probably should’ve spilled my feelings when I had the chance.” — Bobby, 19

5. “I had a one-night stand a few months ago. But I’m a virgin. Well, I mean, I was a virgin before I met her. She’s a party girl. I know she’s slept with a few other guys since me, but it’s just been me and my hand, so she’s all I’ve been thinking about.” — Rufus, 20

6. “I see her on the train ride to work every morning. I don’t know how to approach her without looking creepy, so I just make eye contact whenever I can. Which is probably even creepier now that I think about it.” — Malcolm, 24

7. “I go to the movies with a group of friends every Friday and there’s this gorgeous girl that works at the food court. I always make sure to get on her line, just so we can talk for a few minutes. I’m planning on slipping her my number eventually.” — Nicki, 22

8. “She’s my boss. No way I’m making a move. Not losing my job. Doesn’t stop me from masturbating to her, though.” — Lee, 27

9. “I was good friends with a woman in one of my college courses. We’d always hang out and hold hands and flirt, but we never actually kissed. I should’ve kissed her.” — John, 27 

10. “We work together. We’re always pretty flirty. But she has a boyfriend. I’m not going to try to steal her away. Even though I think it would work…” — Manny, 25

11. “I don’t know if this counts, but there’s a girl I plan on dating. We text constantly. We flirt constantly. I’m pretty sure we’ll take things further. I’ll be disappointed if nothing happens.” — Emmett, 26

12. “I met a girl online. We’ve never seen each other in person, but that doesn’t matter. She’s the only girl I want to be with.” — West, 21

13. “Some chick I follow on Instagram. She doesn’t even follow me back, but I wish she did. Sexiest body I’ve ever seen.” — Phillip, 18

14. “I mean, I’m in a relationship now. I only really think about my girlfriend. Yes, I’m serious.” — Shane, 24 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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