12 Reasons Why Couples That Meet In Their Twenties Have The Strongest Relationships

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

1. You know what you want. Your awkward teen years are over. You’re no longer confused about your wants and needs. You know what type of person you should spend forever with, which is why you’ve found someone that fits you perfectly.

2. You genuinly appreciate each other. You know what it’s like to be single. You know what it’s like to date assholes. You’re relieved you’ve found someone as amazing as your partner, so you’ll never take them for granted.

3. You have money to spoil them with. A few years ago, you weren’t able to afford a pizza pie without consulting your parents. Now, you may not be rich, but you can afford to buy your partner birthday gifts and take them out to nice restaurants. You can give them what they deserve.

4. You’re ready to get serious. You’re done with casual sex. You’re ready to move in with someone. Ready to wake up next to someone. Ready to start your life with someone.

5. You’re more mature. If you two have a fight, you won’t end up breaking up over it. You’ll have an adult conversation and come to a compromise. You’ll be able to work things out.

6. You’re good in bed. You’re not a virgin anymore, so there’s not going to be any fumbling around. Plus, you already know your kinks and how to get yourself to orgasm, which means the sex is going to be fantastic

7. You’re not held back by relatives. You’re too old for your parents to have a say in whom you date. You’re your own person now. You get to decide whether or not YOU like the person you’re with instead of worrying if everyone else will like them.

8. You’ve experienced heartache before. You know what it’s like to feel lost. Broken. Damaged. You’ve experienced the dark side of dating and know what an unhealthy relationship feels like. And this isn’t one of them.

9. You know what love is. You’re not young enough to get love confused with lust. You know what real, unadulterated love feels like. So when you say those three little words, you mean them.

10. You help each other out. If you think your teens were your hardest years, think again. Your twenties are a time of confusion, when you’re never sure if you’re good enough. But your partner is there to help you through all that. To help you see your potential. To help you become the person you were meant to be.

11. You’ve had important life experiences. You’ve been with other people, and that’s a good thing. You don’t have to wonder what it would be like to date someone else or to play the field. You don’t have to feel like you’re missing out, because you’ve already experienced single life in your younger days. You know what it’s like.

12. You’re comfortable with yourself. You’ve learned to love yourself, which is why you’re done settling for shitty strangers. Now, you’re with someone you actually deserve. Someone you can picture a real future with. Someone you consider your soulmate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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