What It’s Like To Love A Girl That Gets Bored Easily

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

Staying in the same place for too long bothers me. I don’t have the money to travel, so it’s not like I need to take a trip to Europe every other weekend. But I can’t keep going to the same Applebee’s every Friday. I can’t keep having the same conversations over and over again. I can’t stand it when things get boring.

That’s why I’m always getting a new piercing or tattoo or lipstick. And that’s why it’s rare for my hair to stay the same color for a full year. I’ll dye it blonde, think it looks better than any other color has ever looked on me, and then grow sick of it three months later. After that, I’ll switch to red, but I’ll eventually end up changing that, too.

Relationships are tricky for girls like me, because after a few months, the excitement ebbs. There’s no longer a rush of adrenaline when you look at me. The tingle I used to get when your hand grazed mine is gone. I’m comfortable with you, which was the biggest blessing at first, but eventually, comfort becomes a bore.

So if someone like me, someone who gets bored easily, ends up in a serious relationship with you–one that lasts more than six months–it means I really like you.

Because, as much as I love the idea of committing to a single person, it’s boring. It’s staying in instead of partying. It’s anniversaries instead of first dates. It’s cuddling instead of fucking.

Don’t assume that I’m taking you for granted. I’m not. I’d rather be bored to tears with you than have all of the excitement of a fresh, new relationship. Why? Because I’ve finally found someone that makes the boredom tolerable. Fun, even.

I love sitting on the couch with you, resting my head on your lap. I love having stupid conversations with you about topics no one else would bother to talk about. I love reading on opposite ends of the couch with nothing but silence between us.

But every once in a while, I need us to get up from that couch. I need excitement. I need adventure. I need change.

You don’t have to jump out of a plane with me. You don’t have to take me bungee jumping or take me whitewater rafting.

Just do something. Anything. Drive me into a new part of town. Bring me to a restaurant I’ve never heard of. Get me drunk off of alcohol I’ve never tasted. Surprise me with a new position during sex.

I love you and I love being bored with you. I really do. But I also love trying new things with you. I don’t want us to assume all of our firsts are over, just because we’ve been together for a while. Sure, we have first kiss and first fight crossed off of the list, but what about first pet or first vacation abroad or first sex tape?

There’s so much left for us to do, so let’s not become a completely boring couple. Not yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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