If He Likes You Enough To Sleep With You, He Should Like You Enough To Do These 30 Things

1. Text you back within the hour.

2. Make plans with you in advance, so you’re not rushing to shave at the last minute.

3. Hold your hand while you’re out in public, so everyone can see that you’re an item.

4. Cuddle with you, even if sex is off of the table that night.

5. Take you out on a more romantic date than just dinner at Applebee’s and a crappy movie.

6. Delete his Tinder, his Bumble, and his ex girlfriend’s number.

7. Hang out with you when you’re both 100% sober.

8. Hold himself back from flirting with other women, whether or not you’re around.

9. Set aside time for you, instead of claiming that he’s too busy to hang out for an hour or two.

10. Meet your parents without making you beg for it.

11. Talk to you from morning until night, instead of magically appearing once the sun goes down.

12. Go to parties, work events, and weddings with you.

13. Compliment you on something other than your looks, like your laugh or your singing skills.

14. Buy you dinner without expecting you to sleep with him as a thank you.

15. Open up to you about his darkest fears instead of sticking to safe topics like work.

16. Tell you the truth about where he’s going, what he’s doing, and who he’s with.

17. Invite you out with his friends instead of cancelling on you to hang out with them.

18. Resist the urge to sleep with the pretty girl at work that keeps hitting on him.

19. Introduce you as his girlfriend to his friends, parents, and anyone else you run into on the street.

20. Remember your birthday and actually buy you a gift for the occasion.

21. Spend the night, instead of leaving as soon as he’s done sleeping with you.

22. Tell you who he’s texting, so you don’t have to sit there wondering who the hell is on the other end of the phone.

23. Dress up for you instead of wearing the same plain tee-shirt to every date.

24. Keep in touch with you on a daily basis instead of randomly going MIA without any explanation.

25. Hang out with you, even when you’re on your period and aren’t going to let him see you naked.

26. Put down his phone when you’re trying to talk to him.

27. Keep his eyes on you when another pretty girl walks by.

28. Listen to you yammer on about topics he couldn’t care less about, because he does care about you.

29. Tell you how he feels about you and what he wants from you.

30. Treat you with actual respect instead of acting like you’re some toy that he can fuck with and then flee. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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