If He Doesn’t Do These 13 Basic Things, Then He Doesn’t Deserve You

Twenty20, redmonddigitalmedia
Twenty20, redmonddigitalmedia

1. Make you laugh. He doesn’t have to be the next Louis C.K. but if you don’t crack a smile when he tells his jokes, then you’re not compatible. You need a man who makes you tear up from laughter.

2. Make you orgasm. No matter how temperamental your body is, he can figure out a way to make you orgasm if he really wants to. It just takes time, patience, and the desire to make you moan.

3. Try new things. If you love to cook and want him to take a class with you, then he should be open to it. Even if he hates stepping into the kitchen, he should be willing to give your hobbies a try if it’ll bring you two closer together.

4. Respect you. He doesn’t have to open every single door he sees for you, but he should treat you like his equal. He should never curse you out or make you feel crappy, just because he had a bad day and needs someone to take it out on.

5. Make an effort. He shouldn’t stop trying as soon as you agree to be his girlfriend. Even if you’ve been dating for decades, he should still flirt with you, take you out on dates, and do whatever he can to make you happy.

6. Show you off. He doesn’t have to brag about you on Facebook and Instagram every chance he gets, but he should hold your hand in public and proudly introduce you to his parents. He should be eager to show you off to everyone that matters in his life.

7. Listen to you. It’s okay if his mind drifts off when you’re giving him a recap of Survivor, a show he doesn’t give a crap about. But when you talk about work or class or your family, he should be all ears. If he cares, he’ll pay attention.

8. Make you feel beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you’re bloated or covered in pimples. No matter what you look like, he should convince you that you look hot as all hell.

9. Comfort you when you’re crying. He shouldn’t search for the exit as soon as you shed a few tears. He should inch closer to you, wrap his arms around you, and encourage you to let it all out.

10. Keep it in his pants. I don’t care how much you love him. If he’s cheated, he doesn’t deserve you. If he flirts with other girls, he doesn’t deserve you. There’s someone out there that will be happy to date you and only you.

11. Be honest with you. I mean, how could you date someone that lies straight to your face? You need to trust the one you’re with. If you have doubts about him, then you need to leave him behind.

12. Encourage you to pursue your dreams. He shouldn’t play the role of Debbie Downer, giving you reasons why your goals are unreachable. He should be the one to convince you that you’re capable of anything.

13. Tell you he loves you. Or at least that he really really likes you. If he holds his emotions inside, your relationship won’t last long. Communication isn’t overrated. It’s necessary for a healthy relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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