He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless You Can Talk Freely About These 13 Things

Twenty20, Pinningnarwhals
Twenty20, Pinningnarwhals

1. That you’re upset. If he’s the type to accuse you of being too emotional whenever you cry, then you might as well break up with him right now. If you can’t be open with him, then the problems are going to pile up until they come crashing down.

2. That you’re on your period. If you’re too embarrassed to stock his cabinets with tampons, then maybe you should date someone you’re more comfortable around. I mean, menstruation is natural. If he thinks a little bit of blood and tissue is gross, then he needs to grow up.

3. Your exes. You don’t have to talk about what an amazing kisser your last boyfriend was, but your current BF should at least know the names of the people you were with in the past. After all, they helped shape you into the woman you are today. It’s worth having a conversation or two about them.

4. That you’re horny. Don’t wait for him to initiate sex. If you’re in the mood, then you shouldn’t have a problem telling him what to do to you.

5. That you’re in pain during sex. You can ask him to stop at any time, you know. If you’re not enjoying yourself, then make sure he knows it. If he truly loves you, he won’t want you to be in any pain.

6. What you want in the future. Don’t assume that you’re on the same page. You might have dreams of marriage and babies, and he might want to live alone for the rest of his days. You won’t know for sure until you ask.

7. All your embarrassing moments. If you can’t tell him about that time you threw up on your Uber driver, then really, who can you tell? He should be the one person you’re comfortable admitting all of your deep dark secrets to.

8. How you prefer to spend your money. What’s his credit score? Does he have benefits? How much does he spend on beer each month? These questions sound like a bore, but they’re important.

9. How religious you are. Faith means nothing to some people and everything to other people. If your partner goes to church every weekend, then you should probably have a conversation about how they want to raise their kids and what type of wedding they want.

10. How you feel about his friends and family members. Hate his mother? Well, you probably shouldn’t go off about what a witch she is, but you should tell him why she makes you feel uncomfortable. He deserves to know.

11What you like and don’t like in the bedroom. If you can’t talk about sex, you shouldn’t be having sex.

12. Who your celebrity crushes are. They’re harmless, so he shouldn’t mind if you fawn over Chris Pratt whenever you get a glimpse of his abs in a movie trailer.

13. How you feel about him. Love him? Eager to move in with him? Annoyed by his snoring? He’s never going to guess how you feel. You need to spell it out for him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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