He’s Not Your Forever Person If He Does These 40 Unacceptable Things When He’s Upset

Tyler Rayburn
Tyler Rayburn

1. Posts not-so-vague statuses on social media about your relationship.  

2. Ignores all of your text messages.

3. Refuses to open up to you and tell you why he’s feeling the way that he feels. 

4. Curses at you. 

5. Leaves the room when he’s getting emotional, because he’s not comfortable crying in front of you. 

6. Calls up his ex to make himself feel better. 

7. Takes off his wedding (or promise) ring. 

8. Gets wildly drunk to deal with his problems. 

9. Storms out of the house without telling you where he’s going.

10. Temporarily breaks up with you, and then tries to get back with you as soon as he cools off. 

11. Vents to his friends about what a horrible girlfriend you are. 

12. Talks over you while you’re trying to explain yourself during an argument.

13. Pretends that he’s perfectly fine, even though he’s dying inside. 

14. Sleeps with you to make up for a fight instead of actually apologizing.

15. Buys you gifts to make up for a fight instead of actually apologizing. 

16. Calls you derogatory names. 

17. Refuses to apologize, even if he was clearly the one in the wrong. 

18. Makes comments about how he wishes he never met you or decided to date you. 

19. Tries to bring you down with him, so he’s not the only one that’s miserable. 

20. Gets his mother to talk to you. 

21. Hits you.

22. Threatens to hit you. 

23. Screams at you instead of trying to have a mature, adult conversation with you.

24. Gives your relationship ultimatums. 

25. Asks if you two can go on a “break.”

26. Brings up old mistakes you’ve made that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.

27. Slams doors on you. 

28. Makes you feel unsafe in your own home.  

29. Continues to blame you for everything, even after you apologized to him. 

30. He mentions how crummy your parents are, how heavy you are, and any other low blows he can come up with.

31. Hits the wall or smashes items up against the wall. 

32. Kicks you out of his car or his house. 

33. Gives you the silent treatment for days after the argument. 

34. Deletes you off of Facebook and Twitter, so you can’t see his statuses. 

35. Keeps everything bottled up inside. 

36. Makes you feel like you’re doing something horribly wrong in the relationship. 

37. Goes through your phone to see what you’ve been saying about him to your friends. 

38. Expects you to sleep on the couch after a fight while he gets the bed to himself. 

39. Threatens to harm himself. 

40. Cheats on you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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