Date The Man That Makes You Forget You’re Terrified Of Relationships

Twenty20, kirstylee
Twenty20, kirstylee

If you have to check his phone to see if he’s been flirting with other girls, don’t date him. If you get suspicious when he’s ten minutes late, don’t date him. Don’t date him if he activates your insecurities.

Date someone who makes you forget about those insecurities. Date someone you trust. Someone you don’t think will lie. Someone you don’t think will leave.

Date a man that makes you forget that you have a fear of getting cheated on, because you know that he’d never flirt with another girl behind your back, let alone kiss her. He would never look at the waitress for a little too long or wish you looked more like a porn star. He would never make you doubt the face you see in the mirror, because to him, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.

Date someone you’re eager to move in with, even though you’ve always considered yourself an independent woman who can survive on her own. Someone that actually makes you consider marriage, even though you swore you’d never commit yourself to another person. Someone you’re not planning on saying goodbye to anytime soon.

Date someone that makes you forget about all of the shitty relationships you’ve seen when you were a kid. Someone that makes it clear that you don’t have to follow in your parent’s footsteps. With a little effort, you can have a healthier relationship than the people around you. You two can, and will, last.

Date a man that would never hit you or curse you out. One that asks you if you’re okay when you wince during sex and gets permission before pulling your hair. One that would cry if someone else put a scratch on your pretty face.

Date a man that makes it clear you’re better off with him than being single (or dating any other man). When you see your friends, bragging about their latest Tinder conquest, you shouldn’t be jealous. You should be happy you get to go home and cuddle with the love of your life. You should feel blessed to live a drama-free life with someone that genuinly cares about you.

Date a man that’s capable of handling his alcohol. A man that would never choose a glass of hard liquor over a difficult conversation with you. A man that knows that getting drunk is a social activity that’s meant to be fun, and isn’t a coping mechanism that’s meant to help him deal with his shitty life.

Date a man that shows you his true self from the get-go. Someone that treats you with as much love and respect twenty-five years down the line as he did in the beginning. His love for you shouldn’t fade over time. It should grow.

Date a man that helps you drop all of your baggage. A man that makes you forget that you were screwed over dozens of times in the past. A man that proves, time and time again, that he’s not like any of your exes. He wouldn’t hurt you. He wouldn’t lose you. He loves you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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