Be Thankful Your Almost Relationship Never Turned Into A REAL Relationship

Twenty20, rodrigodaibert
Twenty20, rodrigodaibert

I liked him (a lot), but we never would’ve lasted as a legitimate couple. When I image what it would’ve been like to be with him, I see jealousy and lies and late night fights. Moments that would inspire powerful love songs, but wouldn’t do much for my self-esteem. As much as I miss him, I honestly don’t need any drama in my life.

It was fun hanging out with him. It was fun flirting with him. It was fun kissing him. But that’s over now. And I’m okay with that.

In fact, I’m happy our almost relationship never turned into a real relationship. We experienced all of the best parts of a being a couple without any of the downfalls. We didn’t have the opportunity to nag each other over chores or fight over stupid shit, but we spent plenty of time sexting and snuggling and spilling compliments.

If we actually dated, chances are that we would’ve ended up apart eventually, filled with bittersweet memories. But, right now, most of my memories of him are positive. They make me smile. Make me laugh. Make me horny.

If we actually dated, then he would’ve had even more opportunities to hurt me. Yes, I’m currently annoyed with him. Yes, my heart is fractured, because it’s possible to develop deep feelings without dating. But he didn’t hurt me as badly as he would’ve if we were together for five years and then slowly grew apart. We saved each other some trouble.

Besides, if I ever want to invite him back into my life, I can. Things might be awkward between us, but they’re not exactly the same as our relationship would’ve been if we were exes. There’s still sexual tension between us. There’s still something between us.

So before you get upset over the fact that your almost relationship never turned into something real, appreciate it for what it was. Did you have a good time with him? Did he make you happy? Did he make you feel sexy and smart and special? 

Then what’s so bad about what happened?

Yes, it sucks to get disappointed. It sucks to imagine taking him home to meet your parents or to picture moving in with him and then finding out that it’s never going to happen. That you’ll technically never be more than just friends, even though he was practically your boyfriend.

But if you stop focusing on the things you hoped would’ve happened and focus on the things that did happen, you’ll realize it wasn’t all that bad. It was actually a lot of fun, so why would you complain? After all, he brought a little excitement to your life, even if it was only for a few weeks.

So be happy your almost relationship never turned into an actual, honest to goodness relationship. Now you can find someone that fits you better. Someone that realizes what you deserve. Someone that thinks you’re worthy of the title of girlfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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