39 Shamelessly Flirty Things That Would Win Any Woman Over

H Influencer Collective, Alivia Latimer
H Influencer Collective, Alivia Latimer

1. Text her first with a message that says more than just, “hey.”

2. Instead of complimenting her on her legs, compliment her on an aspect of her personality.

3. Touch her in a non-invasive spot, like the shoulder, and if she’s receptive, you can gradually touch her more and more.

4. Shake her hand after you introduce yourself to show you’re a gentleman.

5. If you’re sitting while she’s standing in a crowded bus or bar, offer your chair to her.

6. Ask her questions about herself, but not the boring ones like, “How was your weekend?”

7. Act like you like yourself. Confidence matters.

8. Stare into her eyes as she’s talking. But let her catch you checking her out later on.

9. Give her a massage.

10. Stay far, far away from pick-up lines.

11. But feel free to tell funny stories. True anecdotes beat overused jokes.

12. Like her selfies.

13. Ask her what TV shows she watches. If you find out you both loved Lost, you’ll have an hour’s worth of conversation.

14. Use (a few) emoticons when you text, so she realizes when you’re trying to be flirty.

15. Don’t talk about other girls. Don’t look at other girls.

16. Whenever she says something negative about herself, give her a compliment.

17. If she complains about wanting to see a certain movie that her friends aren’t interested in, ask her to see the movie with you.

18. Text her at all different times of the day. If you’re always texting at night, she’ll get the wrong idea. Plus, women love good morning texts.

19. If you message her on a dating app, mention something from her bio instead of something from her picture.

20. Don’t immediately try to make the conversation sexual. Ease into the dirty stuff.

21. Let her borrow your jacket when she’s cold.

22. Wear cologne that will make her swoon when she hugs you.

23. And make sure you don’t let go too quickly during those hugs. Let yourself linger.

24. If you invite her over, clean up your apartment before she gets there. Create the illusion that you’re a responsible adult.

25. Tell her how much you like her, so she’s not left guessing how you feel.

26. If you have tattoos or muscles, wear a shirt that shows them off. Let her see how sexy you are.

27. But don’t forget about showing her how smart you are. Initiate a conversation about a topic you’re knowledgable about, so you can look intelligent.

28. When she sits down on a couch or a bench, sit right next to her instead of on the other end.

29. If another guy looks at her, it’s okay if she realizes you’re jealous, but don’t let her see you get pissed. It’s a turn-off.

30. When you have food (or gum) with you, offer her some.

31. Tease her–but playfully. In a way that lets her know you aren’t seriously being mean to her.

32. Introduce her to your dog.

33. Give her a cute nickname. Not “baby” or “honey.” Something personalized.

34. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t waste her time with mixed signals.

35. Ask her to dance.

36. Remember pointless little things about her, like her favorite cereal and her father’s name.

37. When she catches you staring, smile at her, so she doesn’t get creeped out.

38. Introduce her to your friends and to your parents.

39. When you ask her out, don’t invite her over to watch Netflix. Invite her to an actual diner where you can have an actual conversation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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