33 Signs You Should Resist That Urge To Text Them


1. They never text you first, which proves that you care about them more than they care about you.

2. The only reason you’re thinking about them is because you’re lonely and feel like you’ve been single for way too long.

3. You’re drunk and you know you’re going to feel like a complete idiot if you look at your texts in the morning and see their name.

4. You always have the same exact conversation with them.

5. You know it’s going to lead to sex and only sex, even though you want so much more than that.

6. They give one-word responses and never even attempt to keep the conversation going.

7. The last text you sent them has obviously been read, but they didn’t bother to reply.

8. They’re in a relationship with someone else and they legitimately seem happy.

9. You know your best friend, who wants what’s best for you, would be pissed if she found out you texted them.

10. You can’t come up with anything worthwhile to talk about.

11. You’re trying to get over them. Texting them will just bring those feelings to the surface again.

12. Several people have told you to delete their number.

13. They always make you feel shitty about yourself.

14. You know they’re texting at least three other people at the same time, using the same flirty lines.

15. They always turn the conversation sexual.

16. You’re out with your friends. You should be having fun. Not thinking about texting some silly crush.

17. You know that texting them won’t lead to hanging out with them, even though all you want to do is see them.

18. You literally just left their house. Unless you two are in puppy love, they’ll probably think it’s creepy that you can’t go two seconds without talking to them.

19. Or you just texted them two seconds ago and you have nothing new to add to the conversation.

20. You’re horny. Unless you want them to become your friends with benefits, resist texting them when sex is occupying your mind.

21. They have you blocked on social media.

22. The only reason you want to text them is to curse them out.

23. You recently messaged them on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat, but they haven’t replied yet.

24. You’re in a vulnerable place and could easily get taken advantage of by them.

25. They’ve already moved on.

26. They’re your last resort and didn’t pop into your mind until the person you really like ignored you.

27. You have devil emojis listed next to their name in your phone.

28. You’re not exactly sure if you should be talking to them. If you have to ask your friends if it’s a good idea to text them, then it’s definitely not a good idea to text them.

29. You know, deep down, that you deserve much better than them.

30. They take days to text you back.

31. Whenever you talk, they always end up asking for nudes.

32. They broke your heart.

33. You don’t want to want them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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