If They Send These 30 Mixed Signals, They Aren’t Worth Your Time


1. When they make plans with you and act like they’re super excited to see you, but then cancel at the last minute.

2. When they text you nonstop all day long, and then the next day you don’t hear a word from them.

3. When you share a super intimate moment, like a kiss or even a one-night stand, but then they act like everything is completely normal the next time you see them.

4. When they alternate between telling you how beautiful you look and how you’re such a good friend.

5. When they act jealous whenever someone flirts with you, but then they’ll turn around and flirt with other people in front of you.

6. When they do little things to make you feel like you’re already dating them, and then tell you that they aren’t looking for a relationship right now.

7. When you post a gorgeous selfie, but instead of leaving a comment for everyone to see, they compliment you in a private message.

8. When they constantly call you cutie and baby, but then you hear them call some other random stranger by the same name, and you realize that they do it to everyone.

9. When they claim that they really like you and want to be with you, but they don’t actually put in any energy to make you happy.

10. When they flirt with you nonstop, but then they end up complaining to you about the person they’re actually crushing on.

11. When they act like they’re genuinly interested in you, but then they post suspiciously intimate pictures with their ‘friend’ on social media.

12. When they ask you to hang out and treat it like it’s a date, but then they swear up and down that it definitely was not a date.

13. When they hang out with you in person and tell you they’re having an amazing time, but then they drop out of your life for literally weeks.

14. When they take time out of their day to call you up, but you don’t understand why, because it feels like all they’re doing is waiting to hang up.

15. When they text you first, and you respond right away, but then that’s the end of the conversation. And you’re stuck wondering why the hell they texted you in the first place.

16. When they hug you and touch you every chance they get, but it turns out that they’re just the touchy-feely type and do that to everyone.

17. When they use the winking emoji in every single text they send you, but that’s about as far as their flirting goes.

18. When they treat you like they’re madly in love with you when you hang out one-on-one, but when you’re in a big group, they completely ignore you.

19. When they swear that they really want to see you, but they never rearrange their schedule to actually make time to see you.

20. When they post a cute photo with you on Facebook, but they caption it with something that suggests you’re just really good friends.

21. When they text you first, but it’s after midnight, so you know they’re just drunk and horny.

22. When they get pissed if you don’t answer their texts, even though they never answer yours.

23. When they ignore all of your texts, but like every single selfie you post on Instagram.

24. When they flirt with you over text messages, but they never flirt when you see them face-to-face.

25. When they take you out to eat, but then they flirt with the server the entire time.

26. When they sleep with you on a weekly basis, but they refuse to change their relationship status on Facebook or put any type of label on your relationship at all.

27. When they ask you for your number, but then they never actually use it.

28. When they claim they’re in a happy, loving relationship with someone else, but they flirt with you anyway.

29. When they swear they’re going to leave their partner for you, but it’s been months and it still hasn’t happened.

30. When you’ve both admitted you have feelings for each other, but for some reason, they’re not making a move and are letting you slowly fade out of their life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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