If He Actually Loves You, He’ll Do These 30 Things Even If It Kills Him

Twenty20, sangriel
Twenty20, sangriel

1. Say, “I love you” in front of his guy friends, even if it means they’ll call him whipped for the next decade.

2. Go to your family parties, even though he doesn’t know anyone and is going to end up following you around like a puppy the entire time.

3. Take a million selfies with you until you find the right one, even though he thought the first one looked perfectly fine.

4. Take care of you when you’re sick, even though your nose is dripping and there’s vomit everywhere.

5. Let you drag him into Sephora to search for the perfect shade of nail polish, even though he has absolutely no idea what the difference is between rose pink and bubblegum pink.

6. Eat the food you made especially for him, even though you burnt it to an inedible crisp.

7. Hang out with your friends and try his best to have a good time, even though they have zero things in common.

8. Find you the perfect birthday gift, even if it takes him months to come up with a good idea.

9. Get up and dance with you at weddings, even though he knows he’s going to look like a complete fool.

10. Let you borrow his jacket when you’re cold, even if he’s shivering just as much as you are.

11. Wear the ridiculous looking sweater you bought him, because he knows it would make you happy.

12. Turn down the sexy lady who has been flirting with him at the bar, because there’s no way in hell he’d ever cheat on you.

13. Wash the dishes when he knows that you’ve had a super rough day, even though it’s actually your turn to take care of them.

14. Buy tampons for you, even though he has no idea where the right aisle is.

15. Cancel big plans he had with his friends, because an emergency came up and he knows you need him.

16. Sit through family dinners and keep a polite smile on his face, even after your drunk uncle starts going off about politics.

17. Cook for you, even if he’s never picked up a spatula in his entire life.

18. Hold back your hair after you have ten shots too many, even though he told you that you should’ve switched to drinking water and all he wants to do is brag.

19. Watch the rom-com (or crappy horror movie) that you’ve been dying to see in theaters, because none of your friends will agree to sit through it with you.

20. Let you have a bite of his dessert, even though he asked you if you wanted to buy your own ten times, and you kept refusing.

21. Stay in with you when you’re on your period, because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable by forcing you to go out.

22. Apologize to you after a fight, because he hates the thought of you being mad at him.

23. Go grocery shopping with you, because he doesn’t want you to be forced to take care of all of the household chores on your own.

24. Fly to Hawaii or London or Tahiti for a fun vacation with you, even though he’s terrified of planes.

25. Participate in your family traditions, even if he usually doesn’t celebrate holidays.

26. Learn what kind of deodorant and razors you use, so he can pick up the right ones when he goes to the store.

27. Memorize your birthday and your anniversary, no matter how bad he is with dates.

28. Go on dates you’re super excited about and keep an open mind the entire time, even though he’d never go there on his own.

29. Listen to you snore without complaining, because he’s used to the sounds of your body.

30. Spend the rest of his life with you, even if he’s terrified of commitment, because he knows life wouldn’t be the same without you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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