Don’t Date The Girl Who Puts Others First Unless You Want Her To Be Your Last

Twenty20, kristelleclarae
Twenty20, kristelleclarae

Whenever she has to make a decision, she’ll think about how her choice will impact you. She won’t do anything without considering your feelings first.

It doesn’t matter if it’s her turn to pay and she’s low on cash. If she sees you eyeing the steak, then she’s going to push you to order it, because it’s her treat.

Even when she’s royally pissed at you, she’ll wake you up when your alarm doesn’t beep, so you don’t end up late for work. She’ll even make you that dessert that she knows you love, even though you don’t deserve it.

If you come down with the flu, then she’s going to sit by your side while you slurp down the soup she’s made. And before she leaves the room, she’s going to smooth back your hair and kiss your forehead. She won’t care if she ends up sick next, as long as you get better.

When you both come home sweating from a long day out in the sun, she’ll let you shower first. And when you relax on the couch to scroll through everything your DVR has taped, she’ll let you watch your show first.

When she goes grocery shopping, she’ll pick up food she knows you love, even though she’s never going to eat it herself. You won’t have to ask her to do this. She’ll think of it on her own.

She could be fast asleep, trying to get enough rest before a big day, but if you call her, she’ll answer the phone. She’ll sit up all night with you, until you feel better, even if it means she’ll be running on low energy the next morning.

When your anniversary comes around, she won’t care what you wrap up for her. All she’ll care about is if you like the gift she’s found for you, the one that took her two months and two-hundred dollars to get her hands on.

When she comes home from work with exciting news, she won’t blurt it out as soon as she comes through the door. The first thing that comes out of her mouth will be, “How was your day,” because she genuinly cares about your happiness.

She won’t care if it took you an entire day to text her back. If you come to her with a problem, then she’s going to come up with a helpful response as quickly as she can.

When you’re down to the last slice of pizza, she’s going to offer it to you. Then she’ll swear that she doesn’t want it, so you don’t feel bad about taking it.

She’ll be happy when you go down on her in the bedroom, but she’ll make sure to return the favor. Every time.

No matter how many fights you get into and how much stress you put her under, she’ll love you with all of her heart, so don’t you dare let her fall in love with you unless you’re going to treat her right. A girl like this deserves all you can give. A girl like this deserves the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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