Date Someone You’re Comfortable Crying In Front Of

istockphoto, Selenittt
istockphoto, Selenittt

Date someone who knows exactly what to say to make you feel better, but also knows when to hug you in silence.

Date someone who can tell when you’re in tears, even if you’ve only been texting and haven’t dropped any hints about being upset.

Date someone you actually choose to cry in front of, even though you usually hide away in your room whenever you’re upset and act like everything is fine.

Date someone who will let you use their sleeves to wipe away the tears when there aren’t any tissues within reach.

Date someone who tells you that your ugly crying face is actually pretty cute, and compliments you when you have globs of mascara running down your face.

Date someone who will sit up with you all night long, even if they’re dead tired, because they don’t want you to cry yourself to sleep.

Date someone who is still capable of making you laugh while tears are streaming down your face.

Date someone who always treats your emotions like they’re valid, even if they secretly think you’re crying over something silly.

Date someone who can tell when you’re getting upset in public and will find an excuse to leave with you, because they know you’d be embarrassed to cry in front of other people.

Date someone who will kiss you while you’re crying–on your forehead, on your cheeks, and on your lips.

Date someone who will drop everything if you call them up in tears, because your happiness is more important to them than finishing their chores or getting a good night’s rest.

Date someone who uses hugs and inside jokes to cheer you up instead of just buying you meaningless gifts to shut you up.

Date someone who hates when you run into the bathroom to cry alone, because they want to be able to hold you and help you feel better again.

Date someone who doesn’t make you feel weak for having basic human emotions.

Date someone who encourages you to open up to them, because they’d rather hear you sniffle and sob than know that you’re holding all of your anger inside.

Date someone who will listen to you rant for hours on end, even if your words are indecipherable through your sobs.

Date someone who feels absolutely horrible if they’re the reason why you’re crying, because you’re the love of their life and they only want to see you with a smile on your face.

Date someone who will give you multiple orgasms after you’ve had a crying fit and just want to relax.

Date someone who never makes you feel bad about getting emotional, even if you’re upset with them and they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong.

Date someone who will remind you that you have no reason to be upset over your fake friends and nasty relatives, because you have each other.

Date someone who helps you find reasons to laugh over your problems instead of crying over them.

Date someone who is just as comfortable crying in front of you as you are crying in front of them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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