Date Someone Who Loves All The Things You’re Insecure About

Twenty20, zacharyleung
Twenty20, zacharyleung

Date someone who actually gets upset when you call yourself ugly, because he doesn’t understand how someone so beautiful could have such a warped perception of herself.

Date someone who gives you a newfound appreciation of the moles and birthmarks that you grew up hating.

Date someone who encourages you to sing along with him in the car, even if your voice sounds like complete crap.

Date someone who loves your push-up bras, but doesn’t understand why you wear them, because he thinks your breasts are already the perfect size.

Date someone who makes you feel comfortable, and even confident, leaving the house without a single scrap of makeup on.

Date someone who isn’t embarrassed when you stumble over your own two feet or say something completely crazy to his friends, because he finds your awkwardness adorable.

Date someone who compliments your natural hair whenever you step out of the shower.

Date someone who never puts a filter on the photos you take together, because he thinks you look absolutely gorgeous just the way you are.

Date someone who thinks you’re über intelligent, even though he’s seen you spill beer on yourself and use “fam” unironically.

Date someone who thinks you look just as cute in your glasses as you do in your contacts.

Date someone who loves your stupid jokes, even if they aren’t funny in any conceivable way, because he thinks you look adorable when you tell them.

Date someone who still calls you beautiful, even when you wipe your makeup off and reveal a face full of scarring and pimples.

Date someone who doesn’t care how high you score in bowling or how quickly you finish a marathon, because having fun with you means more to him than winning.

Date someone who won’t let you delete the pictures you look “ugly” in, because he thinks you’re dead wrong and wants to save the memories.

Date someone who doesn’t just deal with you. Date someone who feels like they’re blessed to be with you, even during your outbursts and crying fits.

Date someone who looks at you with genuine confusion whenever you claim you look like a mess.

Date someone who always asks to keep the lights on during sex, because he wants to see every inch of your spectacular body.

Date someone who doesn’t think you need a scale in the bathroom, because your stomach is one of his favorite things about you.

Date someone who never criticizes you when he talks to his friends. Whenever he talks about you, he’s always bragging.

Date someone who still wants to have sex with you, even if you haven’t shaved your legs in weeks.

Date someone who kisses you on your cellulite and tummy fat, because he thinks every area of your body is beautiful.

Date someone who makes you worry about your insecurities less than you ever have before, because you actually feel beautiful (and successful and intelligent and loved) when you’re around him.

Date someone whose opinion you trust more than the mirror. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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