27 Signs You’re So Far Out Of His League It Isn’t Even Funny

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1. Whenever you go out in a group, you find yourself apologizing for his behavior.

2. He doesn’t have a job or even the tiniest desire to look for a job.

3. He could be sexy if he tried, but he doesn’t. You spend hundreds of dollars on razors, makeup, and hair products, but he won’t even wear a clean shirt.

4. He bails on you to hang out with his douchebag buddies, even though you always make time for him.

5. Even when you catch him in a lie, he turns the situation around to make you feel like you were the one who did something wrong.

6. Every single one of your friends has implied that you could do better. Either that or they’ve straight up told you to upgrade.

7. Even though you’re working hard to make money, he’s still letting his parents pay for every dinner he eats and every vacation he takes.

8. He can’t go out to the bar and have one or two beers like a responsible adult. He always ends up getting completely wasted and vomiting all over the car.

9. He throws a fit whenever you make the tiniest mistake, even though you put up with all of his bullshit, which is always ten times worse.

10. Honestly, you’re embarrassed to leave the house with him. You never even hold his hand in public, because you don’t want to be seen together.

11. He refuses to call you his girlfriend, even though you’re a total catch and everyone knows it.

12. You don’t find him attractive. It’s not like you need to date a drop-dead gorgeous model, but you deserve to be with someone you have chemistry with.

13. He’s the type of guy that calls all of his exes crazy and gets offended when women are more successful than he is.

14. The only time he makes you happy is in the bedroom. Basically, you’re using him for sex.

15. Even though you’re willing to go to his baseball games and listen to his band perform, he’s not willing to put in the same effort when it comes to your hobbies.

16. He’s so immature that he actually blames your period when you’re upset and makes sexist jokes about sandwiches.

17. In bed, he refuses to go down on you, because he doesn’t like the taste. 

18. He expects you to pay the rent, his phone bill, and every dinner check. There are days when you wonder if he’s only with you for your money.

19. Other boys have been blowing up your phone, and honestly, they’ve been treating you better than your boyfriend has been treating you.

20. When you try to talk about your future, or really anything that involves responsibility, he checks out.

21. He can’t even keep a plant alive, let alone a pet or a baby.

22. He never makes plans. You’re always the one stuck making decisions.

23. You can’t hold a conversation with him. Your intelligence is too high and his maturity level is too low.

24. He’s nasty to his parents, waiters, and pretty much everyone else he runs into.

25. He doesn’t care about your success or your happiness. He only cares about himself.

26. He’s cheated on you.

27. You constantly fantasize about what it would be like to date a guy who actually has his life together and treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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