25 Signs You Should Quit Stressing, Because He’s Clearly Never Going To Cheat On You

Audrey Reid
Audrey Reid

1. You don’t have to bombard him with questions about where he’s going and who he’s meeting up with every time he leaves the house. He tells you everything you need to know before you have the chance to ask.

2. Whenever a girl’s name pops up on his phone, you know exactly who she is, because he’s mentioned her before. There are no secrets between the two of you.

3. In fact, if you wanted to go through his phone, you could, because you know the passcode and he always leaves it lying around when he showers. He’s not protective of it, because he has nothing to hide.

4. You even know the password to his email and his Facebook, so if you really wanted to snoop, you could. He couldn’t hide anything from you, even if he wanted to.

5. He never flirts with other girls in front of you. It’s extremely rare for you to catch him staring at your waitress’s breasts or your best friend’s butt.

6. You’ve never caught him in a lie before. You’ve never questioned a word that came out of his mouth, because he’s never sounded sketchy. As far as you can tell, he’s been completely honest with you.

7. Whenever you tell him that something he’s doing is making you uncomfortable, he immediately changes his behavior to fix the situation. He does whatever he can to make sure you’re happy.

8. Even when he’s drunk, he knows how to control himself. He never does anything reckless that he ends up regretting in the morning.

9. His parents and best friends aren’t cheaters, either. The people he’s closest to impact him, so if they’re all loyal, then there’s a higher chance that he will be, too.

10. When there’s a problem with your relationship, he comes to you and works it out with you instead of binge drinking or texting his ex.

11. You have a healthy sex life. You’re open to trying new ideas and always make sure he’s left satisfied. He does the same.

12. He never compares you to other women or makes comments about how you would look better with a boob job.

13. He’s happy with himself and has high self-esteem. He doesn’t need approval from other women in order to feel fulfilled.

14. His attitude is consistent. He hasn’t suddenly stopped saying, “I love you” or suddenly started showering you with gifts for seemingly no reason at all.

15. He talks about your future in a way that suggests there’s no way in hell he’s going to screw your relationship up and lose you forever.

16. He mentions how he has zero respect for cheaters, and you can tell that he means it. You can tell that he’d never become one of them.

17. He’s never cheated on any of his exes before, even though they treated him like complete crap. He broke up with them before he moved on to the next girl.

18. Even your best friend, the one who’s highly protective of you and closely examines every boy you date, thinks that he’s a good guy and that you should trust him.

19. He never accuses you of cheating. He wholeheartedly trusts you, because he assumes that you’re just as loyal as he is.

2o. He never likes a half-naked girl’s picture on Facebook or Instagram. In fact, he rarely uses social media at all. He’d rather have a conversation with you than scroll through his phone.

21. He’s honest about the porn he watches. He doesn’t pretend that he’s never seen an adult video before. He even lets you look through his browser history, because he has nothing to be ashamed of.

22. He always comes home on time. He never has any unexplained charges on his credit card. He’s squeaky clean.

23. He’s selfless. He always puts you first, because he cares more about your happiness than his own happiness.

24. Your gut is telling you to trust him. So is your heart. And your brain.

25. You aren’t fooling yourself. You aren’t forcing yourself to trust him. When he tells you that he loves you and that he’ll never hurt you, you genuinly believe him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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