19 Subtle Signs She’s PISSED Even If She Swears She’s Okay


1. When you ask her if she’s upset, she refuses to make eye contact with you. In fact, she hasn’t been looking you in the eye much at all.

2. Or maybe she avoids the question altogether. When you ask her if you did something wrong, she’ll say, “I don’t know. Did you?” If she turns your question into a question of her own, you’re fucked.

3. She sighs, for seemingly no reason at all. This means she wants you to ask her what’s wrong, so don’t forget to act concerned.

4. If you’re texting, she gives you one-word responses, or even one-letter responses, like “K.”

5. Or she only replies with an emoji. If she sends you a single heart after you say, “I love you,” then she’s not happy. At all.

6. When you tell a joke or give her a compliment, she smiles, but it’s a small smile. A forced one.

7. When you hug her or lean in for a kiss, she finds silly little excuses to move away. She might play it off as a joke, but she genuinly doesn’t want you to touch her.

8. Or maybe she returns your affection, but she won’t initiate any intimate moments of her own. So she holds your hand when you reach it out to her, but she won’t squeeze it or pull you closer.

9. She acts “off.” There isn’t a major change that you can call her out on, but she’s definitely being a little quieter than usual.

10. She asks you questions that seem like they’re coming from nowhere, like what you did last Saturday and who the girl in one of your Facebook photos is. Pay attention to those questions, because they’re leading somewhere.

11. Whenever there’s a lull in your conversation, she grabs her phone instead of having a conversation with you. When you ask her what she’s looking at, she won’t give you much of an answer.

12. The second someone else enters the room, she smiles and acts like her normal self, but once you two are alone again, she closes herself off.

13. She gets annoyed when you make a silly comment about how odd she’s acting. But she’s not actually mad at whatever you’ve just said. She’s mad at something else.

14. When you tell her you love her, she doesn’t say it back, even though she normally always does.

15. Every once in a while, you catch her shaking her head, like she’s deep in thoughts she isn’t happy about having.

16. She doesn’t send you the good morning or good night texts that she’s sent you every single day since you’ve gotten together.

17. She doesn’t answer your messages at all, unless you double text her to reassure her that you want to hear from her.

18. If she straight up claims that she’s fine, then she’s secretly seething, but doesn’t want to be labeled as emotional. But as you probably already know, “fine” isn’t a good sign.

19. Everyone is different, so they all have different tells. Maybe your girlfriend jiggles her foot when she’s angry. Maybe she plays with her nails. Maybe she just screams her head off. It depends on the individual person, so make sure you learn her body language. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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