I Work At A Movie Theater And I Found Something Truly Terrifying Hidden Inside

That’s why I pushed the cart inside and stood on top of it. There was barely any room to move in there, but me and Derek had made it work a few times. No cameras, which made it the perfect place for a cramped quickie.

It normally took less than a minute to reach the next floor, but that day the the machine stopped moving in the middle of the ride. I played with the folding door, assuming it had opened and forced the machine to stop, but it was in the right place.

Since the elevator wasn’t meant for people, the only buttons were on the outside of it. That meant I couldn’t do anything, so I grabbed my walkie and said, “Did the power go out downstairs? The Liftovator just stopped working.”

It was a stupid question, considering a small light flickered over my head. But I never knew what to say over those walkies. I always ended up embarrassing myself.

After five minutes passed without anyone answering me, I took out my cellphone to call the front desk of the theater.



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