I Work At A Movie Theater And I Found Something Truly Terrifying Hidden Inside

“Stupid cunt. You know how I said the spell half worked? That only mother came back?”

I tried to speak, but now his hands were digging into my throat, his nails piercing my skin, so the words came out as sputters.

“Well, I half lied,” he said with a blink. When his eyes opened, they were black. “Our son signed the agreement, too.”

Shit. The dad. He was Derek’s goddamn dad.

“We wanted to keep you around as a favor to him, since spirits can hear the thoughts of their vessels. He’s screaming for you right now. Begging. I hate to see him suffer, but…”

He released his grip on my throat, lifted a finger, and moved it in a circular motion.

And then I saw nothing.

Until I saw Tyler. Thought Catalog Logo Mark



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