I Work At A Movie Theater And I Found Something Truly Terrifying Hidden Inside

“Why would you hurt me?” she asked. “I convinced all of the other spirits to leave you alone. Why do you think you’re still alive, dear?”

I had a million questions, but I found myself asking, “Why would they listen to you?”

“Because my son is the one who freed them all.” She grinned from cheek to cheek. “Thanks again, Derek, honey.”

Even though she acted calm, her pupils darted toward the knife in my hand every few seconds. Tyler had said something about ghosts not liking silver, but who the hell knew if that was legit? If it was actually a danger to her, she could just fling the knife out of my hand with one flick of her finger. Of course, if she did that, it would give away a weakness. Prove that she wasn’t indestructible. And prove that she didn’t trust me.

I slid the blade back into my pocket, switching plans. “You know what? You’re right. You did help. This is a pretty fucked up situation, but… But I guess I have always wanted to meet you. Derek’s the love of my life, you know. He’s always saying we would’ve been friends.”

“See?” Derek smirked. “I knew this would work. I’ll find another incantation to get rid of all the other vessels besides mom and then it’ll all be okay again.”



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