I Work At A Movie Theater And I Found Something Truly Terrifying Hidden Inside

Tyler grabbed my hand to help me maneuver around the room of corpses. Men and women and children, some with 3D glasses still on their heads. When I wasn’t stepping on an arm or a leg, I was stepping on popcorn kernels and spilt soda.

“The only violent ones are the card holders?” I asked. “How many of those things were sold today?”

He let out a sigh. “Sixty or seventy. Maybe even a hundred. Sold twenty by myself. It’s Saturday. Place was packed.”

When I caught a glimpse at the front doors, I noticed they weren’t guarded like Tyler had mentioned they were before, so I said, “You can leave if you want.”

His head shook. “I’m not that smart.”

Turned out I wasn’t all that smart, either.

We would have been fine if I had agreed with Tyler and went to the row of theaters on our left, but I insisted on starting off on the right. After all, that’s where Derek had gone to clean. But instead of running into Derek, we ran into her, a thick woman with soft blonde hair and freckles on her exposed arms and legs. By the lack of blood on her, she hadn’t set her sights on any other human yet.

So she set her sights on us.



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