I Really Shouldn’t Be Saying This, But I Have A Paranormal Gift I’ve Been Hiding Since Childhood

I grabbed my brother’s hand to lead him home as I focused in on Danny’s world, hoping that my doppelgänger would be in the same room as Danny, cuddling with him on the couch or maybe making love.

Instead, I saw a stranger’s chiseled chest as he lifted a grey sweatshirt over his head. Was she… Was she watching porn? No, the hands were reaching out to her. Touching her.

(What is she doing? What the hell does she think she’s doing?)

A stranger, with bigger eyes and smaller lips than Danny’s, was stripping down inside of her bedroom. The bedroom where she had lost her virginity to Danny. The bedroom where she had promised him forever.

(Is she out of her mind? She’s going to ruin everything. I’ll never see him again.)

The stranger climbed onto the bed, crawling into the space between her open legs. She was biting her lip and reaching for his head. When she got ahold of his cheeks, she pulled his face toward her and engulfed it with kisses.

(No. No no no no no.)

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