I Really Shouldn’t Be Saying This, But I Have A Paranormal Gift I’ve Been Hiding Since Childhood

I probably should’ve kept on ignoring those other universes whenever I could. Kept on acting like they didn’t exist. Instead, I spent almost a decade learning how to zone into one universe in particular. The one with Danny.

Instead of doodling whenever I was bored in class, I watched Danny hand his girlfriend chocolates or attack her with tickles or skillfully eat her out. He was dating the luckiest version of me.

Why yes, I was jealous of myself. And I was hopelessly, madly, in love with a boy I could never physically meet.

I tried tracking down the version of him that existed in my world, but here he was called Daniella. Born with two X chromosomes instead of a Y. Despite that little hindrance, I added her on social media, deciding I didn’t care if she had a vagina as long as she had Danny’s personality. But, of course, she turned out to be totally different. Different universes tend to spit out different shades of people.

So I decided to spend my time daydreaming about an unobtainable boy instead of actually going out and searching for a flesh and blood one.

Speaking of which…

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