40 Flirtatious Ways To Ask Him For His Phone Number (And Actually Get It)

Twenty20, aeu1992
Twenty20, aeu1992

1. I send the best morning texts. But you’d know that already if I had your number.

2. I don’t care if you make six digits. I just want your seven digits.

3. Want to play pool? Winner gets the loser’s phone number.

4. I was going to send you nudes last night, but then I realized I didn’t have your number.

5. I want to tell you something, but it’s too inappropriate to say aloud. Let me text it to you?

6. Would you hold my phone while I go to the bathroom? And put your number in it while you’re at it.

7. What emoji should I put next to your name in my phone? Actually, why don’t you start by giving me your number?

8. Ready for a magic trick? Give me your phone, and I’ll make my number appear.

9. How am I supposed to shamelessly flirt with you in the middle of the night when I don’t have your number?

10. You should really give me your number, in case there’s an emergency. Like if I get horny and want someone to fuck.

11. Let me give you my number. My real one. Not the fake one I give out to most guys.

12. I don’t normally ask strangers for their number, but I’ll be pissed at myself if I never see you again, so…

13. My text tone is adorable! Message me, so you can hear it.

14. If you give me your number, I promise to spam you with pictures of cute puppies on a daily basis.

15. I’ve never sexted before. Maybe you can teach me?

16. Your phone is nice, but it would be even nicer if it had my name on your contact list.

17. Either put your number in my phone or catch me a rare Pokemon to make up for rejecting me.

18. Sorry, I don’t talk to strangers. But if you put your number in my phone, we won’t be strangers anymore.

19. If you give me a kiss, I’ll give you my phone number.

20. Hey, can I have a fake number? I’m trying reverse psychology tonight.

21. My drunk texts are hysterical. Want me to send you some?

22. I’m thinking about buying a new phone, because this crappy one doesn’t have your number in it.

23. If you gave me your number, I’d give you something even better.

24. If you think I’m good at flirting now, wait until you flirt with me over the phone.

25. Are you going to give me your number or should I ask Siri to find it for me?

26. Can I have your number, just in case I need to ask someone for a ride–or an orgasm?

27. Here’s my number. Text me when you’re ready to take me on a date.

28. Do you want my phone number or do you want to make me cry?

29. I’m going to list myself as “hot blonde” in your phone, so you remember who I am.

30. I bet my number sounds nicer than yours. Want to hear it?

31. I could’ve sworn I had your number. You’re going to have to put it in my phone again.

32. Your phone sucks. It doesn’t have my name in it.

33. I wish I had your number, so I could’ve invited you to dinner last weekend.

34. Here’s my number. So call me, maybe?

35. Are you going to ask me for my digits or should I take the lead?

36. Wait, you don’t have my number, do you? We have to change that immediately.

37. I can’t remember my phone number. Can I have yours?

38. Give me your number, so we can rant to each other during GOT.

39. I have to go, but you’re not getting rid of me that easy. Here’s my number.

40. You’re cute. Can I have your number? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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