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30 Real Life Mysteries That Sound Like They Came Straight Out Of An X-Files Episode

Don’t be upset that The X-files is over. If you search through Reddit, you’ll find plenty of real life stories that sound like they came straight from an X-files episode. Here are a few of the most mysterious ones.

24. A man had a bottomless pit in his backyard

I always liked Mel’s Hole. A guy has a hole on his property that he claims is bottomless and has the power to restore dead animals to life. Hole is tested by some people who “verify” the claims, then government gets involved to shut everything down.

25. An unidentified object fell into the water

Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia UFO incident.

Object fell from sky at night and hit the water near a small fishing village. Local fishermen jumped in boats thinking it was a plane crash but found no evidence of such. There was a strange foam on the water and a glowing object submerged. After a while the object seemed to move up the coast and eventually disappeared. Shortly after military arrived on site. Lots of credible witnesses left with no answers.

It’s known as Canada’s Roswell incident and given that it was during the cold war era, adds a bit of mystery to it.

26. Random radiation bursts came over the radio

The Great Galactic Burper. In short, back in 1998 radio astronomers pointed towards the galactic center heard five loud bursts of radiation, that were ten minutes long or so with 77 minutes separating the blasts. It was really weird, no one knows what caused it, and no one has ever heard this or a similar burst ever again.

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