27 Modern Acts Of Chivalry That Separate The Jackasses From The Gentleman

Twenty20, hmmessersmith
Twenty20, hmmessersmith

1. After you two hang out, he texts you to make sure that you got home safely.

2. He records the shows that he knows you can’t stand, so he can watch them after you leave and won’t miss out on any time with you.

3. If his phone beeps while you’re out on a date, he won’t even bother to check it, because he’s entirely focused on you.

4. He clears out a section of the closet for you to keep your clothes in, so you don’t have to keep carrying your entire wardrobe back and forth.

5. He turns the heat on in the car whenever you shiver, even if he’s already boiling hot.

6. He doesn’t argue when you ask him to wear a condom.

7. He changes his relationship status on Facebook to “in a relationship” before you awkwardly ask him to do so.

8. Instead of vaguely asking you to hang out, he specifically asks you on dates, so there isn’t any confusion.

9. He asks you out on those dates in person, so he can get an answer face-to-face instead of over a cell phone.

10. He deletes his Tinder account the second that he realizes you’re the only one he wants to be with.

11. He sends you good morning texts every single day, so you always have something nice to wake up to.

12. He lets you use his Neflix account, so you don’t have to pay for a separate one.

13. He lets you choose the music off of his iPod when you’re riding in the car together.

14. He goes down on you just as often as you go down on him (maybe even more so).

15. He gives you the passcode to his phone, so there aren’t any secrets between you.

16. He holds your pocketbook for you whenever you run to the bathroom.

17. He lets you use his charger whenever you ask, even if his phone’s battery is dying quicker than yours is.

18. He offers to pay for your meals, but doesn’t keep on insisting after you make it clear that you’d be more comfortable splitting the bill.

19. When you two run into a girl he knows, he explains exactly who she is and how they met, so you don’t have to spend the entire day wondering if they used to date.

20. He lets you hog the blankets and steal his pillows, as long as it means you’ll get a good night’s rest.

21. He keeps tampons in his cabinet and a garbage can in his bathroom, because he knows it’ll make period week easier on you.

22. He makes you breakfast after you spend the night instead of giving you cab money and sending you on your way home.

23. When you aren’t in the mood to have sex, he happily cuddles you instead of pestering you to change your mind.

24.  He “likes” all of your selfies, especially if no one else has yet, because he never wants you to question your beauty.

25. He lets you borrow his shirts and boxers when you complain about your dress being uncomfortable.

26. He offers to share his food with you, even if you keep claiming that you aren’t hungry.

27. He holds open doors for you and offers you his jacket when you’re cold, because some acts of chivalry never go out of style. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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