15 Ways To Win The Breakup And Make Your Ex Eat His Heart Out


1. Slip into your favorite dress and post a sexy selfie on Instagram. When he sees all of the “likes” from guys that are desperate to get with you, he might finally realize what he’s lost.

2. Resist the urge to call him out on social media or post mopey song lyrics about your breakup. Instead, post statuses about the epic concert you just went to or the new car you just bought. Your happiness will drive him nuts.

3. When you see him on campus, don’t run the other way. Put on your most believable smile and ask him how he’s doing. You’ll be more “missable” if you take the high road.

4. When he texts you, don’t act like a total bitch, but don’t act flirty, either. Treat him in the polite way you’d treat a customer at work. Like a complete stranger you couldn’t give two shits about.

5. Get a haircut or join a gym, but don’t do it for him. Do it for yourself. Of course, you should still cherish the look on his face when he sees what a bombshell you’ve become and curses himself for ruining the relationship.

6. Don’t binge drink until you forget his name. If you drunk text him, he wins.

7. Focus on your career. The only thing that’ll kill him more than seeing your hot body pop up on his Facebook feed is a post about the high-paying job you’ve just landed.

8. If you were close with his family, keep in touch with his parents. Then he’ll have to hear them talk about how amazing you are all the time.

9. Don’t jump into a rebound relationship. Your ex won’t get jealous if he sees you with some scumbag. He’ll only get jealous if you’re with someone you’re genuinly happy with.

10. Even though you shouldn’t jump into a new relationship, there’s nothing wrong with having casual sex. Even if your ex never hears about it, you can enjoy daydreaming about how pissed he’d be if he ever saw all the hot guys you’ve hooked up with.

11. Delete him off of social media. When he realizes what you’ve done and that you couldn’t care less about him, he’ll spend his nights wondering why you’re having such an easy time getting over him.

12. Put your pain to good use by doing something creative. Come up with song lyrics Taylor Swift style or publish a poem on your personal blog. Release your emotions on paper, so they don’t have the power to hurt you anymore.

13. Don’t freak out if some of your friends continue to keep in touch with your ex. Act like it doesn’t bother you until it genuinly does stop bothering you. Try to be civil.

14. If he invites you to come over and watch Netflix with him, don’t even consider it. You can’t take the chance of getting back together when you know you deserve someone better.

15. Stop giving a shit about him. The best way to “win” the breakup is to live your best life and wish him well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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