24 Incredibly Creepy Stories That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

If you know where to look, you can find creepy stories on Reddit that’ll scare the living hell out of you. Here are some of the eeriest ones you should challenge yourself to read alone in the dark.

23. Convinced I was kidnapped

“I was four years old and camping with my family. We went walking in the woods and I stopped to tie my shoe, my parents slowed but walked a little ahead. All of a sudden this woman with the same colored hair and eyes as me came up to me, got down on one knee, held her arms out to me, addressed me by name and said with tears in her eyes, “don’t you remember me? I’m your real mommy, you were taken away from me when you were two. ”

I immediately became terrified and ran to my parents. I tried to tell them about the lady but when they looked back she was gone.

This messed me up for years. I thought the lady was telling the truth until I was about ten. I was convinced that I was kidnapped from her when in reality she was trying to kidnap me.

Note that my mom has brown hair and blue eyes, my dad has brown hair and brown eyes, and I have blonde hair and green eyes. That lady, whoever she was, had blonde hair and green eyes.”

24. Silhoutte of a man

“I was watching TV probably 3ish years ago. The TV had a small glare on it and I could kind of see the sunlight light from the hallway reflected on it. It was probably 2-3 in the afternoon. I was completely alone, the wife was at work.

I was watching tv and I noticed in the glare, the silhouette of a tall man stepped into view. I froze solid, and didn’t make any movement or noise, in fact if you were looking at me from behind, I would have appeared to remain in the exact same state. But somehow the silhouette of the man stopped right when I noticed it, lingered for a second, appeared to raise its arm and wave, and then stepped out of view.

I didn’t hear a door open/close, didn’t hear a window budge or break, or anything, and I didn’t find any evidence of anyone.

Probably just the light playing tricks on me.”  Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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