24 Incredibly Creepy Stories That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

If you know where to look, you can find creepy stories on Reddit that’ll scare the living hell out of you. Here are some of the eeriest ones you should challenge yourself to read alone in the dark.


1. Murder next door

“Some years ago I was staying at my parents place looking after their cat while they were away on vacation. At a little before five am one morning I was woken to the sound of the glass on their front screen door shattering, followed by pounding on the door. I went to the door to find out what was happening.

Long story short. One of the neighbors had a grown child living with them who had a psychotic break. He attempted to murder both his parents with a big butcher knife. His mom escaped and ran to my parents house. I let her in, of course. Her arms and hands were covered in defensive wounds and she had also been stabbed several times. She ended up surviving, her husband did not. The kid committed suicide.

Scariest part I didn’t even know was the scariest part until later. At the time I let the mom in, as I was closing the door I thought I saw someone else. I opened it thinking maybe it was the dad needing help, too. No one was there so I shut the door again and went back to helping the mom. A neighbour who’d been woken up by the noise and looked out their window told me that it was the son chasing his mom up my parents front steps that I had seen. He turned away after I closed the door and went back and killed his dad instead. If I had been 5 seconds later letting her in she likely would have been killed on my parents front door step. A couple seconds faster opening the door again and he still would have been there.

So yeah, that was pretty scary.”

2. Hearing phantom calls for help

“I was living with my sister and her husband in Vegas. It was a one bedroom apartment on the top floor of a 3 story complex.

One day I was getting ready for work and called my sister because I was looking for nail clippers. Both my sister and her husband had already left for work so I called her and sled of she had any. She told me she had one on her dresser so I went to look for it and that’s when I heard a voice asking for help.

It was clear and sounded like a young Caucasian male (I am of Mexican decent and my brother in law is from south America ). So naturally I was confused and looked around. Again, it was a one bedroom apartment and it wasn’t very big so it would have been easy to spot an intruder. I didn’t see anyone so I went back to look for the clippers. There it is again, the male asking for help, “hello can you help me?” I ask who is there and he just ask for help again. I tell him sorry I can’t I have to go to work and that’s that.

Fast forward to the end of my shift and I’m home from work. I tell my sister about someone asking for help and she asks, “did it sound like a young male?” At first, I thought I had already told her and she was just repeating it to me. I ask if I had already told her and she says, “no, I’ve heard it too.” I think she’s trolling me so I don’t think much of it.

My brother in law comes home from work 30 minutes later. My sister then asks him “guess who my sister talked to today?” He turns pale and gets a stern loom on his face. “Did the young guy ask you for help?” Now I am freaked out because he had just walked in and immediately knew what had happened. My sister was watching tv and didn’t have her phone near her so there was no way she could have told him. Never heard anything else after that but it was freaky that they both had experienced the same thing before.”

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