18 Fucked Up Babysitting Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice Before Having Kids

Babysitting isn’t as easy as it looks, especially if you’re stuck working with demonic children. Don’t believe it? Here are some of the creepiest babysitting stories from Reddit that’ll make you want to keep your distance from kids.

2. The child’s mother was attacked by her boyfriend

When I was 13 I moved from the country to a bigger city. I didn’t know anyone yet. So I would walk around the blocks surrounding my apartment just for something to do. This was before it was common for everyone to have the internet.

One day this weird white trash family starts talking to me. I’d seen them around several times. One guy had had some sort of surgery on his stomach at some point because he never wore a shirt and he had this mangled tissue all over his stomach. The woman was short, kind of pretty-ish but had a lot of facial hair, and there was another dude who seemed to be the woman’s boyfriend.

The stomach guy immediately starts hitting on me but the lady for some reason immediately starts asking me if I wanted a baby sitting job. Which was strange because I had literally never spoken to them before. She yells for her kids and out come three dirty but adorable little kids.

I didn’t know anybody else in town and I liked the idea of having some extra cash. So, it was agreed that I would start babysitting for them the following day.

The first week I showed up, the lady left for work and everything went fine. The second week, she stayed around talking to me and showing me pictures. Particularly pictures of her kids’ father who she was obviously still in love with but was not the guy she was currently dating.

She was acting really strange and I was considering going back home since it didn’t seem like she was going to be leaving for work. But I was a naive girl from the country who was too polite to speak up about anything. For example: the fact that they had been calling me “Jane” the entire time I’d been babysitting for them and Jane isn’t my name.

So we’re sitting on the couch looking at photo albums and in comes boyfriend. He’s a typical skinny, greasy, stringy-haired, methy looking white guy. He’s also drunk. He sees the photo albums and flies into a rage. He grabs the mom by the hair and drags her out into the front yard, gets on top of her and just starts punching her full on in the face.

The kids are screaming for their mommy. I’m screaming at the kids and trying to pull them off of their mom who’s getting her face pummeled. I could here sirens. There must have been a police officer near by because the whole thing couldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes until a police officer was pulling the boyfriend off the the mom and putting him in cuffs.

Here’s the part that I feel bad about. I was in shock. I’d never seen anything so violent. I just kind of pushed the kids towards the police officers and ran back home. I told my mom what had happened and she said that I couldn’t babysit for them anymore obviously.

I few days later, the woman came to our door with her kids to drop them off to be babysat. Her face was almost unrecognizable. My mom said,”sorry, but my daughter won’t be babysitting for you anymore.” and closed the door. Then we both cried because we felt so bad for the kids and that poor woman.


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